First nut shot

When i was in grade school i had a real crush on this girl. I saw her whispering to her friends outside then she walked up to me, about 5 girls followed. She was so hot,, i was scared. She smiled so nice. Then without notice she toe kicked my b**** real fast. I had tiny b**** and had never been hit there before. I instantly felt pain that shot through my body, my legs gave out i curled up from abdominal convulsions. I was completely paralyzed on the ground gasping for air. She said, just wanted to see what happens. I was there for an hour, a nurse came and helpped me to her office. She checked my b****, said one was swollen very bad. I could barely walk for three days. The girl apologized but i turned sideways when she came close. I was so confused and mentally hurt. That ball periodically swells and hurts to this day.

Aug 17, 2020

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  • Girl power lmao

  • Wow! You need to tell her that she really hurt you and that the only way for your b**** to heal is to be for you to c** in her mouth and p****.

  • I would slap the h*** out of the girl "to see what happens", maybe on the b****( that's because it hurts a lot there". DUDE. B**** are no joke. what the h*** was wrong with that girl, you shouldn't just slide it under the rug.

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