Covid 19

I love the Lockdown . It's the best time ever for me because I don't have to visit my family or friends and I don't have to invite them round to visit me . So now I spend my time enjoying myself , eating chocolate , watching TV and having a glass or two of wine . It's great .

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  • Its better to be alone. dealing with things call humans can shorten you life

  • God, so true.

  • I managed to get my wife and kids to all wear diapers when we went out shopping so no one had to use the rest room

  • Bull

  • You go alone not with your whole family.

  • You are not supposed to take you family out idiot! Just one of you goes moron. And why did you have diapers that fit your whole family jack ass. And if you think I believe you then your mentally is lower then a dog.

  • Guys, it's okay. This is just some dumb bored 14 year-old troll, probably with a diaper fixation.

  • I'm a massive introvert. I can talk to people online, but in real life I tense and can't talk to strangers. So this lockdown isn't a huge deal for me. I love it. It's just me, my laptop, and a bottle of whiskey.

  • Lol, I too am enjoying this lockdown, not much traffic or people out and about, no one begging you to come out and be social.. Just home chilling with food, 420, and booze!

  • Thanks for your comment . Stay safe .

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