I willingly gave up my girlfriend even though I loved her.

I had a girlfriend back in my early 20s. She was beautiful, a thicker blond girl with lovely blue eyes. Laura had a great, curvy body and was so much fun to be around and kind, too. We were close to getting engaged but the one problem was her ex-boyfriend, who was still interested in her.

He was a former college basketball player (had a knee injury) from a very tight family, who had encouraged him to break up with Laura because she was white. They were also a very religious family and she was not from one. He did break up with her but later regretted it. Laura had some time away from him (about six months) when she met me and got over him; we started dating and we dated about a year before breaking up.

When she would talk about him, her face would light up a little and then her voice would become sad. I could tell that she missed him but I tried to ignore that. This went on for months until I asked her if she would get back with him if he wanted to. She hesitated in answering so we got into an argument but we didn't break up. I thought about fighting for her but knew that I couldn't trap her heart and it wasn't fair to anyone if I did.

I contacted her ex and he said that he still wanted her. I set them up on a date. I made reservations at a restaurant and we got dressed up. I was seated with Laura when her ex walked in. I got up and gave him my seat...much to her surprise and the bewilderment of everyone around us. I told her that she and I would talk later and that everything was ok. She smiled and thanked me. I had given her ex a gift card to pay for their dinner.

Laura and I talked later and she said that the two had fallen for each other and wanted to be together but that she hated to break my heart. I assured her that I would be ok after some time but that it was for the best for everyone. Our friends were shocked that it worked out this way as neither of us told them that I set them up again. I was just the guy whose girl left him for an ex. I cuckolded myself.

I didn't attend their wedding and I don't regret that, though I was invited by both of them. I told my wife about it and she said it was sweet of me. I only did it because I loved Laura and wanted to set her free to love who she wanted to love.

Apr 26, 2020

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  • You sir are a very awesone human being 100 tou made the right choice take care greatbess awaits you

  • Thank you for the kind words. No doubt that I made the right choice but it was painful at the time. They are still married to this day and their daughter graduated from high school last year and their son will graduate in a couple of years. We don't keep in touch in person but are friends on social media. Laura and her husband look so happy together; they're definitely soulmates. His parents accepted her finally but I think it was the children that helped with that.

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