My first time sucking

I wasn't old enough to drive yet but had become friends with a guy that was in his 20's and would hang out with him and another friend of mine that was my age and introduced me to Ken.
it was summer and we were riding around when Ken asked me if I wanted to drive so we switched seats and as he was telling what to do he was running his hand along my leg below my shorts but I didn't think about it at the time.
Later that afternoon we were down by the grain elevators sitting on the hill side just talking when Ken asked Jeff if he had a big d***. Jeff said he thought so then asked me and I said I don't know I have only seen mine so wouldn't know.
One thing lead to another and even though I was very shy I got talked into pulling my shorts down and we all compared our d**** and it turned out I was smallest of the 3. By the end of the day they had talked me into jerking them.
over the next couple days this happened daily then one day it was just Ken and me riding around with me jerking him while cruising. We went down to the grain elevators and sitting on the hill side when Ken (after a long coaxing) talked me into putting my mouth on his d*** and this turned into me giving my first b******.
Over the next few days it got to the point I was sucking his c*** while we road around and then Ken coaxed me into letting him play with my ass which lead to me getting f***** for the first time. After about 2 weeks Ken was having me suck him and he would f*** me daily. When Jeff started hanging out again Ken told him I liked sucking c*** and getting f***** which I thought was our secret. Jeff laughed and said " really... Then suck me d***" and pulled his pants down. Ken told me go ahead you know you want to. I got on my knees and started sucking Jeff when Ken pulled my pants down spit on my ass and his c*** and started f****** me. Jeff didn't take long before grabbing my head and holding it while he shot his load in my mouth and shortly after Ken filled my ass with c**.
After that day I was sucking and getting f***** by both of them almost daily for the rest of the summer

Apr 27, 2020

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  • Lucky boy

  • My first time was at a sleepover with other boy's and it like just happened with me trying to s*ck my friends. I was so messy with their come all over me face stomach and even my underpants were messy.

  • After some of my friends found out about sucking of Kenny I was regularly sucking off 4 of my friends and loved it even though they didn't reciprocate

  • I became popular also being the cute kid that would. I'd try to gulp it down but couldn't swallow fast enough. Bottoming was a pleasant surprise when it happened at 12.

  • Did find out about the pleasure of a*** s** until I was in my 20's

  • S*cking is my foreplay to bottoming. It's so cool hanging out with my friends when my mom and dad are at work.

  • Just how I started

  • I hope it's like this forever. One of my friends who's lots older says that it can if I want it to be.

  • First time sucking was a 69 with my friend in his bedroom. He was 17 I was 14. We watched a lot of gay p*** and started kissing and then just sucking each other. He said promise you'll swallow my c**, I'll swallow your. It was amazing we came also together and swallowing it.

    He 21 and I'm 18 now We 69 every day. I'm the bottom for a***. I only want his c*** c*** in me and ALL HIS C**. To me now even thinking about his c*** in a girl makes me jealous. I know there are girls who hit on him when we go out.

  • I was barely 13 when I was introduced to sucking another much older boy. I was so infatuated with him I bottomed my first time that he wanted to. He shared me with friends and I didn't care as long as he spent time with me.

  • Hi I was 15teen when my brother took me we share a bed one night he got in .He spoon me put his hand in my c*** next thing he pull my pjdown .He put his c*** into me as he play with me .Next thing he said he like me tight bum ten minutes later he fill with his c** .Then push me down the bed and suck him hard again to f*** me again

  • I was 13, the first b******* I gave. He was 23 and my neighbor. I always knew I was gay and worshiped him. He is so good looking and sexy.

    One day he was in his garage and I walked in and closed the door. He said what are you doing? Before he knew what was happening I said I want to blow you. He resisted but I got his shorts open.

    The second my mouth was on his c*** he let me. He came 5 minutes later and I swallowed. I was better than I dreamed. I didn't gag no matter how deep I took him.

    I have been sucking and been f***** every day for 4 years now. I love his c*** and c**. He dumped his girlfriend soon after we started. I think he loves me. I love him.

  • My friend. Has basked. Me if he can. Suck. Me of I've said yes he can he asked me. If I'd like his cu m I've never. Done. A. Boy. Before is it nice feeling should I do it

  • Your s lucky guy. All the best. But I'd love to swap places

  • You are very lucky to have so many co cks to suck. I wish i was able to have any co ck to suck and gulp down his huge hot creamy load. Keep doing it.

  • As preliminaries have you tried stroking and licking each otters

  • Why do all these stories involve comparisons of p**** size. I grew up in a all boys boarding school. Not once do I ever recall there being a discussion about p**** size. We all saw each others d**** in the showers and in day school same thing when we showered after gym and sport.

    I know there are strong guys, bullies, sub guys, gay guys. Every conceivable type of guy and that's OK.

    But why is there an assumption that a small d*** = gay?
    It's like saying women are weak.

    I am a submissive guy. My wife likes me physically strong and toned and thin. I am tall and I am sure I have a normal sized d***.

    So come up with a better lead in to gay stories or sub male stories.

  • Had nothing to do with being small it was about how he seduced me

  • I could use a friend like you

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