Got caught

I had been hooking up with this guy from a gay site and sucking him off a couple times a week. He said he was single but wasn't able to host so we either hooked up at my place or somewhere for car play. He texted me 1 day saying he needed my mouth and we meet in a ATV parking lot being the middle of the week and empty.
I claimed into his truck and started bobbing my head up and down on his c*** and enjoying his c***. about 10 minutes and just as he started to c** in my mouth, there was a banging on the window on my side (which scared the h*** out of me and him) I jerked up and a squirt of c** hit my face as I looked towards the window. A woman was standing there scream at us calling me a c*** sucking f***** and him a piece of s***, She goes around this his side still screaming names at both of us as I got out of the truck and went to my truck.
Turns out he was married and she thought he was cheating on her so she had been following him. Never heard from him after that

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  • Yes , I can understand your issue. Your innocent simply being a c*** sucker. Your friend was not honest with you which is too bad but it happens all too often. mostly with women, with men it generally is not an issue but it still would have been nice to know. I hope that did not stop you.

  • My c*** is available to be sucked up without any one’s lable on it problem sister

  • Wives cheat too

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