Chinese Bastards

Coronavirus is a biological weapon launched on the U.S. (the rest of the world was just collateral damage) and those slant-eyed bastards are sitting over there laughing their a**** off. Trump should start the bombing runs today. And not stop until China is wiped off the MF map.

Apr 28, 2020

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  • I'm with this group. Blow they ass up and let it rot in cheesedog h***.

  • Don't count on Trump to do s***. He didn't even f****** care about the virus until s*** got real.

  • Thats why we need to bypass the oval office and just let the military bomb them to f*** and back! Like that other man first said-- -- -- TO F*** AND BACK!!

  • He still don't care. He knew that was on its way here before it even left the f****** lab. He signed off on the op!!

  • Message from The United Kingdom

    Just read and understand the science of Covid19 and plagues which are similar. They are not made in a lab, they are naturally occurring from the way we live and behave.
    As for "trump" and his advisors, they are the most dangerous humans on the planet and unfortunately unless the American people come to their senses he will be given another term in office.

  • Oh, you understand the science, do you? You read the research? Did you find that research on a pornsite?

  • Who are you again. You are lying thru your teeth. It is man made. That disease is killing all people. These Asians want to take over America and probably other countries as well. Don't be stupid. Open your eyes.

  • Ironically, the chinks can't open theirs lmao, slant eyed mofos lol

  • So, you are suggesting that we go to war against another country that has nuclear weapons huh? If the Coronavirus is a biological weapon it is a really badly made one, with a less than one percent death rate... Just saying.

  • Maybe only 1% but they stopped many economies to a complete standstill

  • Moron

  • You don't recognize that we aren't finished with the virus yet, nor is it finished with us, and that bio weapons will necessarily be "dirty", that is, imprecise and inconsistent,albeit widespread, and that --- being biological --- they will not kill everyone in an environment or system, but will remain in the targeted space to mutate and double back on its path. It is TOTALLY Man-made and man-delivered. It's an act if war, and we should respond with the big bombs. It'S TIME TO START KILLING THE KILLERS!!! F*** them ngigaz UP!!!!

  • NUCLEAR??? H***, before they get the chance to find the launch button and hit it they will all have been bombed to f*** and back!!!! All them China n***** willbe dead-ass n*****! Bombay baby! Bombay!!!!!!

  • So are you suggesting that one day china is like a miracle and it will just disappear? I agree with this OP and we just should start throwing around all them Bombs that's what we bought them for!!!!!!!! wtf are we waiting for?? I say we bomb the slants to f*** and back!!!!!!!!!

  • You went to Iraq, and messed that war up with a lie and murder of a powerful man that had that country on a straight and narrow

  • The American way. Feel scared. Buy guns. Shoot and bomb.

  • Ahem. Not all of us, thanks.

  • ^ said the g******

  • No guns no shooting just bomb them n***** to f*** and back!!!!

  • Typical brainless yank just like Donald fart

  • Donald will find your sorry sack and bomb you to f*** and back!!! It will be like a miracle and your ass will just disappear. TO F*** AND BACK!!!!

  • Noise and a lack of critical thinking do not equal being right. I know I'm wasting my time because you're too busy fellating a gun (please make sure it's loaded and VERY well-oiled... please), but it does my heart good now and then to attempt to get through to lower life forms. Don't worry, I don't make a habit of it-- just long enough to have a good laugh at the unrelenting idiocy, then on to the next idiot. Y'all breed like cockroaches, naturally...

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