Am I okay?

Ever since I was young I was different (which is fair, everyone is different). I would play with monster trucks and watch superhero movies while in my heels and dresses. Everything was fine. I was happy. But as I got older my parents would tell me "you can't play with that," or "you can't wear that," and I never really got it. Getting older I noticed all of these things they were condemning were activities and behaviors of the opposite s**. Ever since kindergarten I've been living as what I'm supposed to be. In more recent years though, I have been able to slowly slip in some more masculine clothing. I don't feel like I'm a guy but I'm definitely not a girl. What am I?

Apr 29, 2020

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  • Theres no need to label yourself yet as that may make you feel like you need to conform to the label, just feel it out and enjoy yourself, as long as others arent being victimised by your behaviour you shouldnt be ashamed of liking what you like and i think you will find its much more common than you think.

  • As a littler kid I was into wearing my sister's hand me down clothes. It was a bit weird how many guys, boy's and men saw me as a sexual thing long before I was thinking about s**? A boy who's pretty in panties, skirts and sundresses like I was becomes sexually active way too early.

  • I'd love to see another boy in panties

  • I'm a boy I wear girls panties and skirts. Ilove white panties pink ones I want you to wear panties school skirt can I see your panties I want to see them

  • I was in kindergarten when I would trade my boy's underpants for the neighbor girl's pretty lace panties when we were supposed to be napping. After the first time my mom couldn't keep me out of girls stuff and eventually bought me my own. It was "our secret" and we kept it from dad till I was almost 13. The older neighbor boy was quite interested in my cute boyish feminine qualities and had to get a little....

  • I am agender myself, which is having no gender. You sound as though you could be anything under the Nonbinary umbrella. don't let anyone tell you who you are, though, it took me a while to figure things out, decide for yourself. By the way, you are definitely okay and 100% valid. Good luck

  • I get that needing a label can feel more secure, so I would encourage you to search it, sounds to me like you non-binary maybe, not swaying in either gender direction. That's great. Just be unapologetically yourself.

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