Night with little sister

Last night my little sister sent me a text message asking if I thought she was pretty. She is a skinny young girl with a cup b**** and tight little ass and the most beautiful face I have ever seen. Blue eyes and blonde hair. So I replied with yes . A moment later I got a message from her asking if she was sexy and there was a pick of her in pink underwear . As soon as I saw the pic I really want her . So I replied with f*** yes your sexy. Thin she replied with what's my favorite color I replied with black . A moment later there was a nock at my door I opened the door to my little sister . She was in a black thong and a skimpy black bra . She looked nervous as h*** . She asked r u shur I'm sexy . She was so sexy I want to do her right there in the hallway . I grabbed her arm and draged her in to my room . Thin I gave her a kiss on the mouth to answer her questions . We got in bed and start paying with each Uther . I got her off several times with my hand I was trying to be gentle with her because I could tell she was still a virgin . After several hours we was ready I got on top of her . As I push my dicke deep in to her for the first time. She cried out in pane as I felt her finger digging in to my back . We was locked together and we f***** for an hour end with both of us getting off several times . As I got off of her I could see the rad and wight mixed together all over both of us and the bed . So we decided to take a shower whare we f***** a again as I held her I wispered in her ear the I have always found her sexy . So we went back to my room and change the bed. We layed back down together . After we talked some we both feel asleep together . The next morning I woke up first she was so sexy laying next to me . I noticed my door was open and there was a box on my night stand . I kiss my sister on the neck and got up to see what the box was . It was a box of condoms and a note . The note read from Dad don get your new girlfriend pregnant injoy . After our morning s** . She call me to her room and show me a box on her nigh stand it was berth control and a note that said from Dad don't let your new boyfriend get u pregnant . No baby until u move out ps look under your bed . So we looked there was a box filed with s** toys . We spent all day trying them out . That night win dad got home he didn't say any thing about to until we was getting ready for bed he stop my sister and told her to trim her finger nails and stated that my back looked like h*** we sleep in her bed this time


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  • Thats as close to a girl you will ever get. When you are standing next to her for the family Picture. Then she runs from you.

  • If I had the chance I would definitely f*** my sister!! So hot!!

  • Your sister and you mommy see I told you never had your sister🤮💩head

  • Sickfucking pedos must die

  • U first for reading it u closet pedo

  • I'm not a PEDO just like wrecking you little fantasy.

  • If u r not a pedo y did u Reed it

  • Exactly!! He's a frustrated Pedo!! Lol

  • No I love wrecking your replies. You love to read them and wa nk off to them but when you see my comments it scr ews up your session and I love that.

  • I think you as interested as everyone else, maybe more! Admit it you want to f*** a family member as well!

  • I'd love to f*** my sisters. They are both so sexy!

  • Make it happen make thin won't u

  • You are aassholee learn how to spell you sickfucking incest loving pedo.

  • I'll try!

  • It's you again! You are supposed wait on the train tracks. Close your eyes and you will get a big surprise.

  • U must really like trans u r all wase talking about thin how mean did your dad run on your ass

  • It's you the OP you mean you can't spell trains not trans. Are you so dumb that you don't know the difference between the two. You are truly a moron.

  • I in joy reading comments on hear and I have discovered that u love to make the same comment over and over I guess that's y u don't right your one story with how small your brain is your r luck to youse cut and paste

  • What did you say? If you are upset that I tell him to stand on the tracks. Thats because he is the same sick fock who writes this BS. We can tell by his writing it's him. But since you can't write you can't see that. But I don't copy and paste moron. Feel free to reply put please have someone write it or proofread it.

  • Same person who wrote the garden story..

  • Who doent yuu lern too spell ?

  • Sarcastic misspell or...?

  • Fake.

  • Not another bullshit story from you again... Enough already. I can spot your writing style a mile away and your bad spelling is painful to see!

  • If u don't like his confession how about u right one your self or stop reading. Is your life so bankrupt that u have to cry about others stores.

    BIg Baby! 😭

  • If u don't like his confession how about u right one your self or stop reading. Is your life so bankrupt that u have to cry about others stores.

    BIg Baby! 😭

  • Hey big baby we want true confessions not made up crap by someone who pretends to be a girl or boy and can use grammar properly. So stop crying 🖕

  • And by replying you encourage him even more

  • No I'm here replying so nut jobs who are j acking to this sickshit read this and it wrecks their sessions.

  • We need real confessions

  • I hate bs stories. It shame there is so many bs confessions on here

  • Me too. This clown is always on here, and his writing style and lack of using punctuation properly gives him away. Even worse is the spelling... Yikes!

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