Why do black people cant teach their children about anything

Im going to be straight with you and I don't care about the black agenda. black people are lazy when it comes to children education. they complain how white people don't teach them and they don't even do that. I met a lot of black people talk trash behind white peoples back and they smile in there faces. I know white teachers don't understand a thing about black children. and why should they. they are not white. black women are the worst parents on this earth. they let their daughters dress like whores, they teach them to disrespect people. I mean adults. black women don't care about their children. they only do when the cops shoot and kill those black children. they talk about justice for those black children. where is the justice in the homes. im tired of black cant teach their children about education. they expect too much from white people. they don't help them with homework. they gossip with friends. they spend money on themselves instead of their own children. the black men are terrible, all they care about sports and trying to control people and they cant control their children. I don't deal with black people anymore, they are trouble. I don't know if it has something to do with the dark skin or the light skin. I don't like dark skin women, they are trashy, rude, nasty, loud, and disrespectful people. you have to keep a close on them, they are trouble.

Apr 30, 2020

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  • And that sport is to be a S***

  • Because they are to busy trying to get their kids into professional sports.

  • Are you black? because you cant be taught grammar

  • Why can't you be taught proper grammar? Slimeball racist. End your life, redhat.

  • Lots of moms dress daughters like s**** to attract men of all races.

  • It certainly attracts me!

  • Maybe in your house. don't include other women your problems. if that's how you raise your daughters, that's your problem

  • Because African Americans had their identity and culture taken from them, they along with Native Americans and Irish and Jews and Muslims are not yet true owners of America.

  • This is about black people, the other culture can go burn in the ground

  • Hang together or hang apart. The second way is harder, but if you are too immature or dumb to reach out to other people having the same problems, then you deserve to hang alone.

  • ^ Every SJW and whiny black person needs to hear this ^

  • Wow, you're not racist at all, are you? F*** outta here with that attitude, if you're so insecure it has to be only you all the time, maybe the white supremacists have a point. Keep proving them right!

  • Why do white people cant teach their children to do better in school so they don't write "why do black people cant"

  • Simon says go play in traffic,

  • "Why do black people can't"? !!? You couldn't even get through the title of your extremely racist little essay without butchering the language. You"re hardly viewing the issue from the high ground.

  • So this person is racist. We are all racist when it comes to our families

  • That makes it okay? That's where racism starts, is in the family.
    Don't breed. You're too stupid.



  • You go play now tommy, before I tell your mommy

  • Tommy's dead in a ditch, and your next

  • ...ooookay

  • Loved it : Satan

  • I'm a black woman, I never put my children in public schools. I had my children in private schools and homeschooled. Because I'm racist towards to other races. I'm not going to apologize. I did the right this for my family. I never wanted a white woman teaching my children.

  • I don't know why white people getting upset, they know they be treating these children like crap. but white people want to hide the truth

  • Well said, blacks do need to start taking care of their children for real. im deal with them on a regular basis. black children don't get educated like white children. black people should homeschool their children. but black people are lazy.

  • Black people should homeschool their child. But they will not. They are lazy

  • Uh-huh...... And "shiftless"?

  • I agree on some your answer, but these white people sit here and tell lies all the time about the poor black kid, and these dumb black people let these white teachers treat them like a dummy.

  • Not only are you a blatant, blind, ignorant racist, but you are also illiterate and thoughtless. You need to back and get yourself some of that education you claim to find missing in so many others. Start with the basic rules of grammar. You have a lot of work to do. Idiot.

  • You don't have no education

  • You have black people

  • Don't sit here and act like you care about these black children in America. Martin Luther King should have not lead his people into a burning house

  • Mixed metaphor.

  • Well said. I hate racist idiots.
    I'm white and have hard working skilled black neighbours in senior managerial positions.
    My good friend and ex colleague is a black Muslim and I would trust him with my life.
    Skin colour is irrelevant.
    We all have the same colour blood.

  • White people blood is black not red

  • Lol, such a cute little dumbass

  • NEVER trust a Muslim!!!

  • Never trust white people period

  • Never trust ANYONE .

  • That's my attitude.
    Race, colour, skin colour and religion are all irrelevant.
    There are good and bad people in every creed.
    Your best friend is yourself.
    Trust only yourself.

  • Trust God you dumb moron. Read the bible

  • Spoken like a true loving christian. Yes, I didn't capitalize it. You are not worthy of that.

  • Pretty racist there, racist. White person up there is so much more of a decent human being than you. And it's got nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with how you carry your trashy self, just like 75% of your other "race issues". Keep playing the victim though, that's really helping your cause.

  • Thank you. There are racists in every skin colour and as I've said skin colour means nothing. We all have the same colour blood.

  • White people are not decent. What you should be worrying about China taking over the US

  • What YOU should be worrying about is where your sister-wife has hidden your pork rinds and Mountain Dew. Go get a b****** from a cottonmouth

  • You white people need to worry about being a slave to the Chinese

  • No we don't have the same blood. stop adding your in the black race

  • ? Don't understand your comment.
    I'm white, I'm.proud to be British.
    I'm sixty years old.
    I repeat we all have the same colour blood.
    Tell me what other colour blood is there if I'm not right.

  • The British is stupid

  • Your p***-poor grammar and inability to answer a simple question is really shining here, bright boy xD

  • Separate!!! blacks in their school whites in their school

  • Different buses, too. The one with the black kids pulling up in front of the school, the one with the white kids driving into a deep lake. Goodnight now!!!!!

  • I'm sick of this racism.
    I'm white which is irrelevant to anybody with a functioning brain.
    We are all human beings no matter what our skin colour.

  • And??? What's your point.

  • You can't figure it out? No wonder you're so noisy and angry, you're terrified of living surrounded by people with more brain cells than you. Go get sterilized now, like a good little cretin.

  • F*** you n*****!

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