Sister home from school

My sister came home from college after the stay at home order . After she was home for a couple day . She called me to her room. Win I got there she was was wearing a wight dress . And as I came in her room she closed the door behind me. thin she asked me if I thought she look good in the dress. She did . Thin she went in to her closet to change she left the door open so I could see her as she changed in to a black dress. thin she asked me if I thought the back dress was sexier . I told her yes . She kissed me thin she took the dress off right in front of me. She ask me if it though her White underwear was was sexy. Said f*** yes . She changed in to black underwear right in front of me and ask if they was sexier. So I kiss her and wispered in her ear . She was sexy with out thin . She striped and layed on her bed and ask how sexy that was. I got on top of her and we f***** all night. We have bin f****** every night sent thin last nigh she was on top and I felt the condom brake . I told her we should get another one. She kissed me and said no time to stop . As she started riding harder .it feels so good to finish in my sister . we did it again win we got up today.

Apr 30, 2020

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  • You know how i know this is fake? You wrote another story on here with the same writing style, and same plot, and same colored and type of clothing. The only difference is this time it was your 'older sister' instead of your 'younger sister.'

  • Nothing but a fake fantasy. Next time use your imagination a little bit more.

  • If u don't like his confession how about u right one your self or stop reading. Is your life so bankrupt that u have to cry about others stores.

    BIg Baby! 😭

  • Fake

  • Its a fantasy but a good oneπŸ‘πŸ»

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