Killing Animals

I killed and abused some animals. It all started with a little bird I accidentaly shot with a pellet gun. I loaded the gun and pointed it up to see if it would work and when I pulled the trigger a little bird dropped out of the tree, dead.

The next one is horrendous... with cats, 4 cats to be exact.
So I was staying at my friend's house in 2012. He had four cats. He gave me a kitten who I named Atmos, the Antimatter Kitten. There was a temperamental Texan cat named Sassafras. He irritated the other cats, Loki and Macy Grey (Atmo's mom) whom I had little to deal with.

One day my kitten came out traipsing p*** all over the house from the litter box they all share, which was cleaned that day. He started tearing the couch and when I went to stop him I smelled the claws so I decided to give him a shower and clean the p*** off. In the shower he started FFLippping out and scratched me up and down my forearms very badly. I had to start holding him by his back neck skin to keep him from hurting me. Once I started holding him up like a purse I kind of cackled a little bit inside. His paws were outstretched which made cleaning them much easier. After this I started using the pull-on-the-back-neck-hair strategy to discipline him when something was wrong with his behavior. This got kind of out of hand sometimes.

The same thing happened years later with bunny rabbits. They pooped all over my room and when I went to clean the bunnies they fricked out and scratched me up so got killed. No joke.

Keep in mind folks (or sir) that I was an ex martial artists coming in from 5 years of intense practice outdoors. The initial mindstate regarding animal in the wilderness is to kill to protect. Because these incidents involving contamination occured I killed or abused them because I was still in the same mindstate. Threats outdoors and threats indoors are the same thing.



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  • I need to shoot you in the F-ing nuts, I never torture animals or insects, that’s torture.

  • Eating animals is torture and murder but nobody seems to care about that.

  • Torture is inflicting pain and making the animal suffer. Animals we eat are humanly dispatched They don't feel a thing or if they do it is for a split second.

  • I always believed in humanely dispatching but what if an animal abuses you? Do you discipline it yourself and seemingly begin abusing it? I need clarification.

  • That's precisely my question. If a young animal has no training and begins to attack you especially with potentially infectious claws, you'd do best to defend yourself.

  • What do you mean by an animal abusing me! Attacking me then I would defend myself and if that meant killing that animal I would try and kill it as fast and harmless as possible

  • Some animals are very mean. Untrained, unsanitary. The right thing to do would be to put them up for adoption or something. Not even keep them around if problems with animal-caused-injury are becoming a health concern.

  • What in gods name are you talking about? What animals are you talking about? Can you spell dog, cat or bear. Name the animal and tell us what it is doing to you!

  • It was a kitten who was sharing a litter box with 3 other cats and started running around the apartment with poopy claws. In my attempt to shower it (we had no bath tub,) he sliced up my arms very badly. I resorted to the back-of-the-neck-skin-grab and this got out of hand. I didn't kill the kitten outright, but was holding him too hard and I hurt him very badly. Untrained animals can be cute, but are not exactly safe.

  • Shooting a guy is in the same category you know.

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