Nudist daughter punishment?

Sorry in advance because this is going to be a long post. My 13 y/o daughter(Victoria) has been doing the nudist thing around the house for a while now.. like she basically begged me to let her do it and now officially refers to herself as a nudist..but my brother has recently moved in along with his wife and kids due to the recent pandemic so she hasn’t been doing it which is understandable. But I got a knock on the door about 3am last night and it was a cop bringing my daughter home..
Apparently she’s been sneaking out and meeting friends to hangout all night then coming home in the morning. They’ve been hanging out in a vacant house not far from us that they broke into. Someone noticed flashlights inside and called the cops. I was mad but tired so I didn’t say much and I didn’t talk to her much about it today either which made my sister in law mad(she thinks Victoria is going to be a bad influence on her kids now)
I’m not good with situations like this but I had an idea..
Victoria hasn’t really done the nudist thing since everyone moved in, I asked her about it and she said it would just be too embarrassing. She’s worried her cousins would make fun of her because they definitely would. But considering what happened last night, would it be too crazy of me to ask her to go ahead and do it anyways?
I’m thinking this because 1. She definitely won’t sneak out if she doesn’t have clothes on and 2. My sister in law would see that I’m taking action to resolve the problem.
I’m just not sure if it’s too outrageous or not, it wouldn’t be an option at all if she wasn’t doing it beforehand. I tried to get her to do it a few days ago but I couldn’t get her to come out of her room 😂 I think the biggest issue for her is that her cousins are around her age(one is older,16)
Everyone knows she was doing it though, I brought it up to my brother on the phone on their way down and he couldn’t stop laughing but was supportive. I just wasn’t sure if it was going to be an issue.
I brought it up my idea in front of the kids when Victoria wasn’t around and they just stared at each other with their mouths wide open for a second and kept asking me if I was serious. I said yeah I’m considering it but I’m not sure yet.. but now they keep asking/telling me to do it(they are bored out of their minds lol)
But I wanted to get more opinions on the situation..
To be completely honest though I would LOVE to see her embarrassed like that 😂 💕


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  • Really good deterrent.>www.clothes,,

  • What she needs is a good spanking.

    BTW, you sound like you've got more than one s**** loose, too.

  • Personally I don’t think it’s a good idea, putting pubescent kids together like that could lead to more serious problems.
    As for the oxymorons who are suggesting that it would be ok to ridicule her and suggest telling her that her body is a mess, yeah good luck with that one. Then try telling her it was all done for her own good when she’s seeing her councillor at a later stage in life, trying to explain why she feels so bad about herself.

  • If you're into incest, then sure, go ahead and make her walk around naked in front of her cousins. I say that, because of the reaction you got out of them when you mentioned this form of punishment.

  • Swags wth does incest have to do with anything here?

  • Her little cousins are gonna wanna f*** her daughter if they see her naked. Thats the connection.

  • I wannafuck her too

  • If you go that route make sure your brother’s family goes all out to body shame her. She’s learned some bad behaviors and needs to have them shamed out of her. Tell her that her vag looks like wrinkled piece of leather, stuff like that.

  • Tell her her body is pretty and make complements like that it'll confuse the h*** out of her and she with be h**** all the time but no one will touch her

  • Oh my God no don't do that lol that is 100% not ok

  • Idiot

  • No, telling her that her ass looks like it has moon craters or that her t*** would look firm if she were 60 will get her dressed and humble in a heartbeat. If everyone piled on with the insults, she would straighten up.

  • Omg 😂

  • It's been a long going discussion in the nudist community whether to be nude at home with textile people whether it offends them or not. My wife and I live nude and like most we are around only go nude in front of other nudist. In my area a complaint to DCS there would be an investigation. Our friends kids were taught not to let anyone know they are nudist and belong to a club. The states are generally pretty wigged out about open nudity. Your there and know more details but from here it doesn't sound like a good idea for daughter to go naked if your SIL already is starting to think your daughter is becoming a bad influence.

  • It’s good to hear from an actual nudist, my daughter has never been to a club or anything like that because that would mean I would have to take her and there’s no way I’m doing that..
    Do you know about how it is in Florida? That’s where we live.
    Also my sister in law is pressuring me to go through with it as well.

  • So many clubs and resorts in Fl. We have visited a couple resorts and one recently. You could take her to one of the nude beaches where you dont have to undress if you choose not to. Please dont allow anyone to shame or make fun of her.

  • I Know of a nude beach near Cape Canaveral.

  • I see no problem with them all being nude

  • You have to see it through, you've used it as a threat don't back down for your daughters well being

  • How does that effect her well being???

  • Disapline is vital in all our lives, she know she did wrong, you told her you was going to it! Stick by that decision.
    If you don't, she will think you will never back up your word and do as she pleases.
    I can discus more if you wish?

  • I think it'd be okay. That's one of the ways I punish my kids. Embarrassment is a good deterrent and It's better than spanking them.

  • Would you have concern about your brother seeing your daughter nude? Is he supportive? It would be unusual, but depending how she feels I would think it would be cool. Possibly tempting, but cool.

  • The nudest part is small compared to sneaking out of the house to party with friends. Most important is catching covid-19 and bringing that home for everybody to get. Babies right up till 90 year old people have died from it. Then what is she partying with alcohol or drugs. You need to invade her social media and find out what she is posting. As for the nude part if she is alone in the house tell her that is fine but if someone comes she has to cover up. good luck

  • I’m considering putting life360 on her phone..

  • Thats not my reply bellow this. Thats a great start. But you have to invade that phone and computer to see what she is doing. You don't want to find out the hard way. From the police, the school or an unwanted pregnancy. Parents you can install software in the computer and observe her without her knowing and there is parenting apps that will do the same thing on her phone. It sounds bad but you have to know what your children are doing in order to protect them and raise them.

  • Do you know how I can do it with my computer?

  • Did you do anything with her computer and look in her phone?

  • You can use something like SentryPC you can remotely view their activity on any internet enabled device your computer Smartphone iPad Ect. There are other software that works similar I would give web site but it won't post. Good luck will check again if you have more questions

  • Maybe have her cousins do it with her. If that’s how she is comfortable.

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