I always get what i want

I'm 14yo and if i dress up i look much older my t*** help with that, been meeting up with guys and letting them f*** me then i move on to the next one,I never tell them my age, even at home the way i act made my brother nervous but he wasn't showing any nerves when i accidently walked in on him j**********, tormenting him for day's for it even are mum thought it was nice we was getting along little does she no what is actually going on, every day after school we catch the bus home together and go in are local field and have s** manly with him on my back doing me with my face in the grass,I want to try a*** s** but not sure what is best for lube any tips??

May 2, 2020

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  • Wet is a safe, water-soluble lubricant. May I request that you babble a little more coherently next time ?

  • Yeah. Pick up your wife from the clinic on the way home and find something to do besides make up lame crap.

  • I learned that I never get what I want. When I was in junior high, the popular girl. Queen bee. Came and sat beside me. I could not believe it. I felt so special. But there was a cost. She put her hand on my leg and went up under my skirt. I just sat there frozen. She invited me to join her exclusive club for lunch and hang out. I thought I was in. The next day she did this again and put her fingers in through the leg holes of my panties.

    The next day I wore pants. She didn't sit beside me. When I went to be with the group at lunch she sent me away and came and whispered in my ear that I was to always wear the skirt. So I did.

    As the years progressed I understood the deal. I was to do what she said and I was "in". This included being sent to finger up some other poor girl who wanted to be "in" too and being allocated to kiss and later be f***** by some guys. I knew I was weak and I know I am weak.

  • Mind you at home, I was being taught the same things. Girls are to obey parents and no fight and not complain. I remember when I was really little some little boy came over to play and he took the toy I was playing with. We both had our hand on it and I was trying to take it back. My mom came over and prised my fingers off it and gave it to the boy. Then she spanked me and told me to not fight with boys.

    At home all my life I would be called away from play or homework to help in the kitchen. If I was wearing pants which was not often allowed anyway, I would be sent to wash and change into a dress. Then prepare and serve dinner and then clear the table and wash the dishes while my father and brothers sat and did nothing.

  • Lucky brother

  • KY Jelly or Astro lube work the best.

  • This sounds bogus but to do a*** one must get vaginally excited or o***** first, and go slow with lots of lube.

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