I’m nervous...

I’m ftm guy (born with a girls body but realized early on it was not who I was meant to be) anyways I’m 17 and I’ve been on testosterone for two years and I’m going to lose my virginity to this guy soon (I am bisexual) I’m honestly really nervous just because I’m super self conscious. Testosterone changed me, and obviously I wanted that and I have absolutely 0 regrets, I’m happy with my body (besides the fact that I need to work out a tad more bc I want a six pack and my thighs are thick) but I’m worried that this bloke is going to be grossed out by me or something bc I have a lot of hair... like obviously I’m gonna shave *down there* but not anywhere else, like my legs, chest, etc. Other than that I’m excited bc another effect that taking testosterone has is that it makes me super f***** h****

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