I sucked my first c*** at a very young age and did it off and on for many years but then after my divorce I was h**** as h*** after a few months of not having s** I went to a adult book store and while sitting in a booth this guy steps in the doorway with his c*** out.
I motioned him to come in and I sucked him off, first c*** in some years and shortly after him I sucked another and by the time I left the store I had sucked 6 guys off. The next day I thought about how much I liked sucking c*** and after a few more times visiting that store I admitted to myself that I really love sucking c*** and always looking at guys bulges and licking my lips.
That was 14yrs ago and the only s** I have now is gay s** and also found out I love taking c*** up my ass and no longer interested in having s** with women. I'm not actually attracted to men but I am attracted to c*** and c**.

May 5, 2020

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  • I know the feeling, my problem is I am not ashamed of being a c*** sucker and will do it anytime or place and don’t care who sees or watches

  • Love the adult video stores. sucked my first c*** there too

  • Local swimming pool for me I was 5

  • I like to dress up like a ballerina in a tu-tu and get f***** and suck d*** at the local gloryhole. I got HIV recently but it’s no big deal, the o****** were leg shakers. I also sometimes eat chili straight from the can and swear in public in Korean.

  • Haha!!

  • Im married and like to crossdress and meet men to suck. There arent any adults stores with booths/gloryholes in North Central Ohio anymore.

  • I would love a very young one sucking mine

  • They are crap at it

  • But fun!

  • 14m and I'd love to suck yours ;)

  • Love to watch you w***

  • Yes please and let me suck you, my ass is yours too if you like

  • Yes please, I want to suck you too and my hole is yours

  • How old are you

  • The 14m here my snap is br-uh20 (I know it sounds fake but its not I made a random name) hit me up there if you want to talk there ;)

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