I have been babysitting for a famly for the past 3 years. It started when I was 16. The dad is just gorgeous and his wife is a whiney b****. I have sucked his c*** more times than I can count. He picks me up drives me home everytime I babysit and I treasure the ride! That is the furthest he has gone with me, I am willing to go all the way but he says no. He likes to talk about how I suck my boyfriends c***, I pretend that he is my boyfriend and show him how I do it. The truth is that I have only sucked his c***. The guys I have been with have never asked me to. I am very reserved in real life but he makes me feel wild. I do not love him I just want to be dirty and nasty. I want him to spread my legs and go crazy!!!

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  • Lucky you! I had the worst crush on the dad of the family I used to babysit when I was 13...would've done anything to/with/for him had he asked! Oh least I got a few really nice daydreams out of the deal right?

  • soooo do you want to baby sit for me ahhh at least once a weel ?

  • So you are 19, and just secretly blowing some guy? Babysitting at 19?

  • ^s***** advertising

  • This site is a rip off of my untold secrets and post secrets.

  • ^They really need to monitor the middle school computer labs a little better, little joey dumbass here getting too much free time.

  • Here is what you do.
    Go find a giant N***** thets right I said Niggger and have him f*** your stinky hole with his giant N***** f*** stick. Then do a ton of coke. Yeh yeh seee

  • Recognize that he is using you. Straighten up and act like a lady. And by all means, don't f*** him.

  • do you think he finds you attractive?

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