Odd sister in law

We frequently visit my parents in law and sometimes stay over the whole weekend. I woke up one night around 2 am to use the bathroom and my sister in law was coming down the hall from using the bathroom. When we crossed ways in the dark she said “oh hey” then randomly grabbed my c***, took it out my shorts and sucked it for about 10 seconds. She got off her knees and went back to her room. After using the bathroom I checked on my lady, she was sound asleep. I tried to sneak into her sisters room for more but her door was locked. I’m sure she knew I would try to go in there and locked it on purpose. Thankfully she did. I went to the kitchen to drink water after and my lady woke up. Till this day We never spoke to each other about that night and continue to live our lives normally...

May 7, 2020

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