Strange behaviour from my wife

Over the last year my wife's behaviour as been suspicious to say the least , If I ask her anything about the way she is behaving or accuse her of anything we end up arguing . She does not give me any answers just starts arguing to the point she will say we should separate , So I'm none the wiser and don't like the arguing so I leave it . One night my wife went out and did not return until 5 am in the morning , I was down stairs making out I was asleep . She crept into the house then went to the bathroom to have a shower , When she came out of the bathroom I was expecting her to come back down stairs . But she didn't instead she got into bed i went upstairs to see her within minutes , She had her eyes open I could see through the stairs , But When I spoke to her she made out she was asleep so I left her then went back downstairs . A couple hours later I went into the bathroom and noticed the clothes she wore out that night was in the wash basket , They was the only things in the basket her skirt top and bra . No knickers , Also they was all damp like they had been wiped down . I new the knickers she had on that night because when she was putting her high heels on I could see up her short skirt at her thong .She only got one thong and I've never set eyes on it since that night . What would your thoughts be about that night you can be totally honest with me say it as it is , I know what I think ,I just need other honest opinions please

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  • Pretty obvious, she’s seeing somebody.
    It doesn’t get better and I’m sure she’s waiting for the perfect time to leave

  • Man she is having an affair! I'm sorry but it is too obvious to simply ignore.

  • What's happened between you and your wife??

  • I still don't know what happened that night , I don't know if I ever will but she acts more confident in her self now . She looks hotter than she ever has and she does look at other guys and smile at them quite often , I noticed one time that she leaned over so this guy could see down her top .

  • Like I said originally if you get her to come on here I will find out if she is or not!?

  • All the signs unfortunately , does not look good

  • What have you said to each other?

  • What do you think happened honestly

  • What just now or on that night out??

  • That night out what's your honest thoughts don't hold back , Say what you think no matter how verbal it his

  • Personally I think it doesn't matter, if the trust has gone between you two! If you can't talk it out, I believe there is more to this than just one night out you were suspicious from moment one as she stayed out late.
    Maybe she did maybe she didn't, but the more you let this twist you up the faster it will be over anyway!
    Look her in the eyes, tell what you feel! her eyes will let you know!

  • I can just imagine her with someone else

  • Then put her online and let's get to it!

  • I divorced my wife after she suggested she have s** with another man. She had not actually done it yet.

  • She's having an affair. I'd divorce her. Hire a detective to follow her and find out what she's doing. You don't need for her to get pregnant with another mans baby or you catch an std from the men she's having s** with.

  • Unfortunately you could be wright , I'm going to watch her closely , what's the easiest things to look out for

  • ^^I could help if you want and this way you can find out for definite!!^^

  • How can you help

  • If she is, "up to no good" you want to find out and take action on your own decisions.
    If you can get her to come online I can flirt with her, and you can see if she is willing or if she would be unfaithful, either way you get your answer.

  • Ok , I'll try to get her to text chat you , But I would like to know what happened that night .

  • Ok, when is a good time? And the will see what I can do

  • I'll text you at 8 ish to let you know if I can get her to do it

  • OK!

  • She is having s** with a tall muscular black male and she will always belong to him. He makes her tell him who that p**** belongs to everytime he f**** her

  • Well she seems very unhappy especially if she is suggesting that you two separate. But this has been going on for the past year and she continues regardless of what you think or say. She either really doesn't care if you think something is up or she wants you to care and for you to say something. Maybe the better question to ask is if you both want to save your marriage and go to a marriage counselor and do work on yourselves and your relationship. And if you really can't repair it, then it will be time to divorce.

  • I knew what was coming after the first couple sentences. Hopefully it's not an affair and she is just having some fun. You get that crap end of the stick and decide whether to blow this up attempting to get her to stop but you risk driving her farther into her lover if it's an affair. Hopefully she is just out getting her fun on. The latter is easier to deal with between the two.

  • Why did you not go out with her? Also, if she came back at 5 AM, you already know what happened. Really. Think about it.

  • Unfortunately, I have to concur. Something is going on.

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