Online dating

I masterb@te a lot and I'm 14. I really wanted to have s**. So I went on an adult dating site with nothing but a made up bio. I met up with this lady, (she was married and had breast implants) who was 31. She was really surprised when I showed up and told me to go away, but I talked her into letting me in. She left to go to the bathroom, and in that time, I got myself hard. When she opened up the door of the bathroom, there I was, ready to f***. Soooo she sucked my d*** and we banged for an hour. She may or may not be pregnant now bc of me

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  • Kid if u saw a p**** ud s*** ur pants

  • It does happen when 4 was 16 i f***** a 70 year old

  • Fake

  • Lying ass Lil MF lol. Where's your mom I want to give you a brother or sister or BOTH ??

  • Yeah of course you did!

  • Hey, don't doubt totally. I was 14 and cutting grass when one of my clients, a woman in her forties invited me into the house for a cold drink.
    She ended up unzipping me and sucking my d***.

  • Bet u didnt complain like the faggots that r going now

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