Stomach fetish

I love to see a man’s stomach when he laughs. I just want to be on top of his stomach and feel the motion of his laughter and belly on my c***. The motion of the stomach contracting and releasing makes me h****. It’s something I’ve had since I was young and I want to experience it now. I would like to see more videos of this but it seems no one shares the fetish and its complicated. It’s something I’m obsessed with and just want to experience for real. It’s very erotic.

May 8, 2020

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  • Same here actually

  • You’re not alone

  • Literally can never find anyone with the same exact fetish

  • How stupid are you? Every third bullshit story on here is about belly crap. But like most bullshit stories with a theme, they're all written by the same one or two people. Protip: Most of the belly bullshit on here includes some variation on "me no know nobody who like this like me do." Why is that such a constant?

  • Yeah that sucks but fortunately i do.
    I’m a female who has the same fetish as you.

  • Do you ever see videos of it?

  • No, but i have a great imaginations so i fantasies about men(mostly fictional characters) laughing and me sitting on top of his stomach and feeling the motion of his laughter.

  • Ugh, same here. I wish it was normalized. It’s nothing harmful.

  • Exactly❤️

  • I'm 18 years at that time and a skinny woman age 33 years around. i'm FETISH so i used to sit on her with my full weight. but not for too long because once she puked. now 1 afternoon she was sitting on my chest, and after few times a woman saw that. i don't know why but until i saw her eyes she was standing beside the window. and then walked away, when she saw me seeing her.

  • I'm the same way about females. Plus I love that thing where they laugh SO hard their voice gives out and their throat's just spasmically working, making that tiny little "Ihh-ihh-ihh..." sound.

  • Snap?

  • Jane_xdoe2020

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