Me and my brother

I don't know what come over me. I'm a 23 year old woman who never has a problem meeting men. S** was good with them, but something was missing.

But 8 weeks ago I went to my 18 year old brother's bedroom and seduced him. We in lockdown together and it been non stop f****** and sucking since that night with him c****** in my mouth or p****. I can't get enough of his c***. Which is large 9 inches. I always was close with him, but something changed and I realized I only want him inside me and am completely in love with him.

He said he loved me since he was 14, but was afraid to act on it.

I never want this to end now. I told him I'm on the pill but I am not. I want to get pregnant so he will be mine forever. He'll never leave me if I'm pregnant.

This is so strange and wonderful, why did I waste so much time with other guys, when the prefect guy for me was with me all the time.

I love my brother so much.


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  • Incest propagandist at it again...yeah, if you believe the whole world loves incest your a dull tool.

  • You maybe 25 but you speak like teenage girl with that he will never leave me if I get pregnant crap.

  • This needs to stop. A child born of incest can have a lot of issues. And trying to lock a man down by making him have a child with you is horrible to the man. You need to think about others before you continue. I normally don't care what others do, but I do when it can hurt yourself and others. Stop now and push on through your life.

  • Not all children born out of incest have issues but the risk is slightly higher so genetic testing is vital. I would recommend staying on the contraceptive pill and because you have stopped taking the contraceptive pill get your brother to wear a condom until your healthcare provider says it's safe not to do so. Be smart.

  • Your brother won't leave you.

  • Keep having him filling up your puppy it should take long to get pregnant

  • It is nothing wrong with consensual s** among adults within home, and much safer between bro and sis. A lot is happening during lock down situation - lets hear more of it....

  • You are a sickfuck if you think incest is normal. There is a lot of abuse going on during lock down and rape to.

  • Incest between adults us perfectly acceptable

  • If it's acceptable post your name on social media like Facebook and see what they say. Don't forget to tell you friends and family too.

  • For what reason?

  • I agree.

  • I saw a video when monsters of h*** were fuckingg idiots like urself

  • Do you let your brother sit in top of your stomach in a straddle position

  • Go away belly freak

  • Who you calling belly freak

  • You , you idiot

  • I am not

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