Need Help

I saw a few days ago a post about a witch successfully cursing someone. I was wondering if anyone was capable of helping me do the same. There's a horrible person in my life who has dabbled in pedophilia, falsely accused innocent people of misconduct, and destroyed peoples' entire lives through harassment. I need this person to stop one way or another.

May 12, 2020

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  • Instead of trying to become a witch, report him to the police. The pedophilia is something you can definitely get the police to look into even without too much evidence. I mean, a woman was falsely accused of 23 such charges and went through 2 years in court. You can handle this reasonably. Don't dabble in affairs that could cause you harm.

  • Please. Cops are useless. She stands a much better chance with divine help.

  • OP here: What happened was she groomed a 13 year old for 6 years, and now that they're married, she's manipulative towards everyone and uses her child husband as a defense mechanism. I can't incriminate them, so I need some divine help.

  • Get yourself a big black pot; some eye of newt; dragon toenails; paprika. Simmer for 20 minutes then say “bubble bubble, toil and trouble...” you get the drift. Dumbass

  • Or pray to the LORD. But remember you have to put LORD in all caps, to show your righteousness. It's about as useful as eye of newt, and it appeals to people who dumbasses think are dumb. =)

  • Pay some bick black man to rape him

  • I meant big!

  • Racist b****

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