I've given up parenting

I can't take this anymore. And now Los Angeles will be closed longer. My 2 kids are driving me crazy, not that they were angels before. I've pretty much just started letting them do whatever the ** they want. I'm just too tired. I've put on over 10 pounds, I'm practically chain smoking, my husband complains because we can't afford the cigarettes right now, but I dont care about that either. ** it all to **. He won't lift a ** to control the boys, and I won't either anymore. I don't care anymore if they break everything in the house. I'm relaxing on the couch with my Netflix and Newports.

Next Confession

Girls wanting to kick me in the **

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  • Aww honey, I feel for ya. I'm what they might call a permissive mom, so I know what y'all are going thru. You just gotta get used to ignoring them! Just relax with your ciggies and movies, turn up the volume, and ignore them! It's what I do! My ciggies are a great comfort to me, and I do alot of facetimes with my freinds (who are also real lax moms). You just gotta be willin to have some broken furniture and **. Just relax, sugar, it'll be fine!

  • My wife and I are super strict with our kids. I don't know if she gets off on the power trip but she certainly is keen that they are compliant. Everything they do is controlled. We choose their clothes. If they wish to visit a friends place we need to speak to the friends parents. They eat the food we provide. They say please and thank you.

  • My friends neighbours had 3 kids who were ferrel. The parents moved out and just left the kids who were mid to late teens. Cops come around. It's a ** ** hole.

  • I have no sympathy for people like you.
    You should have taught the little bastards respect and discipline from.birth.
    Kids have no respect anymore and that's why there is so much violence and bad in the world .
    You made your bed and now you must lie in it. It's no ones fault but your own.

  • Right?

    >>I've pretty much just started letting them do whatever the f*** they want.

    In other words, OP is just doing what they've always done. It's just that now only -they- have to deal with the result instead of deflecting the feral ** onto the public.

    Too bad, so sad.

  • Nobody held a gun to your head, or any other body parts. If you're too stupid to handle small children, keep your legs closed!

  • Then stop encouraging women to have children, and asking when they are going to have children, and telling them they will regret it when it's too late,

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