Don't Want to Marry

I'm 15 and engaged to a 27 year old man. I was told that I would be marrying him this December, like my sister did when she was 15. My parents refuse to give me options out of this. I want to finish school and continue dating my boyfriend but my dad told me that I have to do what they say and that it's for the better. How can I convince my parents to hold off on the engagement until I'm graduated?

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  • What country do you live in. This sort of thing is illegal in most western nations.

  • Its a fake post from the same attention seeking ** hole who deserve to die

  • Check how rich he is first

  • Call the police or call your state's child protection service and tell them what is happening.

  • [^This^ is totally correct. You. CANNOT. be forced to marry. If your parents are demanding that you do so, there's likely money involved, which means in essence that they would be selling you into forced servitude. That's slavery. And it's illegal. But regardless of the nature of the arrangements they made, you can't be forced. Call CPS first, and if that doesn't stop it, call the cops. You are a human.

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