Gut punch me until i'm done

I am 19 years old and I am a man, I have a slightly muscular belly and my biggest fetish and being punched in it by girls. Especially thin girls and weaker than me, I like that they end up with me, hitting me in the belly in different positions and places and finishing me off with a kick or step on my solar plexus. I also like to punch the bellies of skinny women, or chubby women, where the best situation is: the woman lies down and tries to ** her belly as much as possible, while I punch her. But what I would really like is to fantasize about a situation where I start punching the belly of a thin and weak girl and when I think she is finished she gets up and ends up with my belly, humiliating me, punching my gut, and especially mine solar plexus, leaving me breathless and moaning in pain, while I'm on the floor, finished.

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  • Have her just hit you in the nutts. Start easy and keep hitting you harder until you come!

  • I'll never forget that scene in Bizaardvark . the episode had Something to do with a boxing match, and at the end of it the two girls are snarking right to their manager/guy friend's face about what a useless loser he is, as they always do. Then he says something that technically owns them-- in his usually clueless, goofy way. The Asian one suddenly drops the "funny" mask, glares pure rage at this guy-- and flat out DECKS him square in the gut! I was more about Olivia Rodrigo in those skinnyjeans up to that point-- but seeing her do that in those giant nerd glasses-- I dunno, it was hot! I mean, on the show he isn't shown as stronger or better than them in any way-- in fact he's always shown as a clueless **. Taking him down should have no sexual subversion to it-- but I think the glasses make it appear just like a weak little female nerd socking a typically good looking guy in the stomach-- and completely dropping him! Not to mention the sudden snap from "Hahaha, what a loser!" To "Ugh I **' HATE YOU!" As soon as he has the power.

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