My sister is a screamer in bed

My little sister came up to me last night and asked me for s**. She has Ben looking sexy for awhile . So I agree . Her little pussycat was so tight it was like she was mad to fit me . It was not long until she was screaming my name and screaming me to c** deep in my little sister's tight little pussycat she got what she asked for . She was so loud I wouldn't be surprised if the hole block know we had s**. After we slept together. The next morning we went down stairs to get breakfast and mom made the remark so u brought your girl friend home to meet her parents. I don't know how to answer so I just turned to my little sister put my arms around her and held her tight against me. I looked in to her buteful eye . I was lost in her eyes . I could feel her shaking from the nervous of being put on the spot . I wispered in her ear I love u sis . Thin I leaned down and kiss her on the mouth she pushed her tung in to my mouth and we was making out in front of our parents . As I hear our mom say get a room u two . So we did we went up to my room and my sister was just as loud as before . After we finish we went down stairs and witch tv she sat in my lap and I had my arm around her . Our parents hasn't said anything else about it


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  • Incest propagandist at it again

  • If she is too loud, put a pair of your dirty underpants in her mouth. I find that a fun thing to do if a girl is too loud.

  • Louder the better!!

  • I'd like to find out if my sister is a screamer in bed!!

  • The best thing about this is how they spell "buteful".

  • Lol. Not everybody is educated or maybe it's a s*** phone ๐Ÿ˜

  • Lmao

  • Hey I told you to stand on the train tracks and wait. We all know it's you writing fake stories.

  • Yup this is the same loser who never had a job before lockdown

  • Same guy whos job before the lockdown was eating Cheetos in his mums basement

  • Try raw confessions that is full of haters

  • My cousin was too

  • Um how old are you and how old is she too?

  • This fuckking site wonโ€™t let pass my comment that I am sure that you are a son of a whor e

  • Sometimes it doesn't let you post. I think this site has alot of problems.

  • Not all parents are against it because they have most likely done the same with their siblings. My mum was aware of me and sister having a sexual relationship and she just told us be careful eg birth control. My sister spent most nights in my room and my mum would quite often come in my room in the morning to find me and my sister cuddled up in bed. People need to accept that not everyone has a negative few of s** within the family.

  • Incest is so wrong they gave it a name incest. So your mom was a product of incest too.

  • Possibly she has never said. I don't care if you think incest is wrong! I love it!

  • Because thats all the love you can get. You can't go out and find someone out side your family. You are the reason mother birds kick the kids out of the nest when they are old enough.

  • That's not true at all. You have a very negative view on family s**! Don't mock till you've tried it!

  • Did she ever supervise or get involved?

  • No she didn't but at least she was accepting of the situation, thank god!!

  • Thats too bad, not that im trying to take away your experience, but i loved my mom getting involved.

  • I'm sure you did! Lol. I would of been open to it but I don't think she was into that and to be honest I just felt lucky to be able to have s** with my sister! So no complaints here.

  • Yeah its definitely hotttttt

  • This is beautiful I wish you all the happiness, how old are you both?

  • Get your parents involved in an orgy.

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