Made a Cuckold by my ex

26m, was in a relationship with my ex and we were both our first.. Went to seperate uni and she confessed to f****** other guys.. She told she wanted to stay together and convince me that she would be fully honest with me if i let her continue doing it. She would tell me all the details of what she would do.. She found out she like getting abused and used like a w**** when one of the guys she f*** made her a f***toy.. Her favourite she said he maid her bend over a chair in a hotel window with the curtain open,pulled her hair and f*** her from behind.

May 19, 2020

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  • My first wife was pretty, but very controlling. We didn't have s** until the wedding night. She saw how small my p**** is and mocked me for it. So when I tried to put my p**** in between her legs it got soft so she mocked me even more. So she got dressed and said that she was going out to find a real man. Before she left the hotel she threw a pair of her panties at me and told me to wear them because I wasn't a man but a sissy. When I did as she told me my little p**** got harder. She saw it and laughed at me. We're still married, but I now have a closet with my own lingerie. She calls me her girly boy and loves insulting me with naughty names. She dates other men on the weekends who give gifts to her for the favors she does them. She loves telling me about the gifts and what she does to get them. She walks around the house in just a bra and panties as do I.

  • Just leave that w****.

  • Our marriage was arrainged and we had never been naked together until the night of our honeymoon.When kathy saw how tiny my d*** was she laughed at me and told me there was no way I was ever going to be able to satisfy her with such a tiny little d*** . She made me stand in the middle of the room and j******* ,When I came she caught it in her hand and ordered me to lick it all up and I did without hesitating ,I felt so ashamed and didnt know why I had drank my own c** like that.She told me to get dressed and she drove me to a s** shop .She took me over to a glass case and pointed out the one and told me to tell the man at the register that was the one I wanted .He laughed when I pointed it out and he asked if I was sure ,he took it to the register and rang it up and I pulled out my wallet and paid for it and walked to my wife and we left.Back in our hotel room she told me to strip and show me what id bought for myself,then told me to put it on.My face was bright red when I slipped the bright pink chastity device on my tiny little limp d*** ,I slit my b**** through the ring and snapped the two together then pushed the locking device through its hole and pulled the key out locking the cage securely on me. She just smiled when I handed her the keys and told me I was a good little sissy.She restrains me once a week and removes the cage and cleans me then re locks it back on me before untying me. She got mad at me when I started complaining about being so h**** so she bought me a big thick real looking d**** ,one with a suction cup .She stuck it to the seat of a wooden bar stool and made me lube my ass and the d**** then told me to sit on it.When it was all the way inside me she told me to bounce up and down on it until I could make myseld have an o*****.It took so long and I was wore out but finally I was able to make myself c**.Now when ever I get h**** I go get my stool with the c*** mounted to the seat ,lube it up and ride it till I make myself c**.

  • Leave that W H O R E.

  • My wife always teases me and calls me names after watching me sit on that big rubber c*** and ride it till I c**.She told me the other day that she thinks it is time for me to try the real thing and asked me if I was ready for a real man to f*** me in my sissy ass.I blushed harder than I ever have when I told her that I would really like that. She told me that she has s** with real men all the time so there is no reason why I shouldnt be allowed to have s** with real men as well.She told me that after some practice I will love sucking mens c**** and will be real good at it .She laughed and said I will love having a real man f****** my sissy ass.

  • Leave that W H O R E .

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