I can't stop

Off and on since I was a young teen I have sucked boy's and guys off and for the past 15yrs I have had nothing but gay s** and I am always thinking about sucking c*** and always looking at guys bulges and licking my lips. I can't stop thinking about sucking c*** and swallowing c** and getting f***** in my ass

May 19, 2020

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  • Ever since I got butt fckd when I was a litter kid I always check out my friends and even older guys bulges. I always wonder how it would be to s×ck um and get f×cod by um? Every time I'm with another boy or man each of um is way different?

  • You ever pickup a guy just by stareing at the bulge?

  • Not the OP but It has happened to me twice when a guy caught me staring at his bulge, first guy was at a Walmart where I was walking by him and he was wearing skinny jeans and a great bulge. He stopped and looked at me and said " you like what you see and do you want it" I looked up from his bulge and said as a matter of fact I do. We went out to his car and I sucked him off in the parking lot. The 2nd time was at a beach and when he caught me staring at his huge bulge he grabbed it and said " I need a b*******" I told him I'll follow you if you know a place and we went into a secluded section of the trees and I sucked him off

  • I'm s boy iflove for you to take me in the woods suck me of

  • Would youmeet up and suck me of

  • I'm a boy you can take me in the woods suck me of I'd love that

  • I don't know about him but when someone sees me looking sometimes they want me to go with um.

  • I would love to f*** your ass

  • I'm a boy I want sucking of please

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