Teacher wife's student finds out about her wild side

My wife is a 30 year old Jr. High School teacher in New Jersey. She's a fairly petite redhead and we had dated since she was 18, but a bit before we got married, we had been broken up for a couple months (She was 22 at the time). During that breakup, she ended up "seeing" this guy Mike for a while.
So fast forward to recently, Mike works at a gym with a former student of hers who has a younger sister that is currently in one of my wife's 8th grade class.
We found out indirectly through a friend of her's sister who also goes to the school that Mike shared some pretty "intimate" details with the former student of hers who then shared it all with his sister (who is currently in her class).

Details like how her pubes were red (she's a redhead, what else would you expect?!), that she gave some of the best head he ever got, that she let him finish wherever he wanted, and pretty intimate things like that.

We had fully disclosed all so I knew about what happened on our break and how she rebounded hard, but she was so embarrassed that a current student of hers was hearing first hand how her teacher was a bit of a nympho once She's still incredibly attractive, but is fairly reserved and you wouldn't assume she had a wild side. Cats out of the bag now though.

May 19, 2020

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  • My high school Spanish teacher was a redhead. I was a senior in high school. I tried everything to get into her pants, but nothing worked. I had graduated that summer and met her at a birthday party. We ended up at my house and f***** off and on most of the night. She had the most beautiful red bush I ever saw. It is a crying shame for those women who have red and shave it.

  • Awesome! How long ago was that?

  • That sucks for her but it's funny. My fiance teaches 7th grade and one of them found a nude of her that an ex had that got leaked out. Good times.

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