16 years old addicted to the dip + Budweiser buzz

Yep. Feels amazing.



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  • You are SO hardcore. Please let me have your baby. You are so virile I'm sure you could do it right through your monitor, no matter where you are in the world. Because you're just that manly.

  • Lmao who the f*** says that. Who's naïve enough to fall for some pedo s*** like that

  • You are the same numb nuts who wrote drunk at school. stop the bullshittt posts

  • Yep dumb ass idiot, that's me, sorry you're not living the life like me, don't take it out on a playa

  • Wow I must admit you have some life! Thats for sure but what you call a life that would make the rest of us kill ourself's.I know you are going to post do it because thats all your simple mind can come up with. Look forward to your next reply.

  • 30 yo addicted to this website so reading this s***

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