I have a boyfriend but...

I still continue to have s** with other guys...
Yep, give me h*** for it.

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  • Go girl get that p**** filled

  • I think it's totally sexy.

  • i dont think there is nothing wrong with what your doing and i actually think you should keep doing it

  • Good news is you are satisfied, bad news is when you get STD and s**** or when he finds out and dumps you then get a great job and becomes some well known rich person, then you've screwed yourself over. and So it begins. women always complaining about why men treat them like s****. it's cause of low self-esteem needy b****** like you. Just don't go crawling back to him when he finds out and dumps you and you become known as the neighborhood s***/w****. and don't go crawling back to him when he dumps you and becomes a great guy and boyfriend to someone else and have a great paying job and all and you still hoeing around giving f**** and bj's for free or for 40 bucks a pop

  • You are hot. Scalding hot. F***!!!

  • sexy b****. your my hero. :)

  • Same as you here, with a primary boyfriend but several little flings going on the side...........and in the dark. :) I love it and my guess is you love it too!

  • i have a boyfriend on the side too and between him and my husband i get about enough for me. but if you have several then i am really envious of you and your s** drive! wow!!! you go girl!!!!!

  • You people always say, "I Love him but..." . Get the f*** out of here with the "but" part. If you cheating around you don't love s***. You don't know what real love is. Break up with him and go out with whoever you f****** around with. I'm pretty sure if he can keep you as his girl despite the fact that he doesn't please you, he can find someone else that's more faithful than you are. You need to find someone that'll just f*** you right and be with them. Stop twisting the meaning of the word love, I can't f****** stand society these days.

  • It's not so rare as you think. My husband is a wonderful man but there's NO WAY he can satisfy me. So.......I play. He has no idea, but I'm very discreet, so it's fine.

  • your sexy as all f****** h***. LOVE it!!!

  • Hahahaha oh my god you made my life XD

  • How would you feel if he were f****** other girls? If you wouldn't be okay with that it's not reasonable to expect him to be okay with you f****** other guys. I'm not judging you, I'm just saying you can't have it both ways.

  • You aren't the only one by any means. I live with my boyfriend and I really do love him but he doesn't give me all I need so I see my ex like once or twice a week. he moved in with this really young girl but she's not enough for him either, so him and me hook it up without our SO's knowing anything. My ex is my only outlet outside my main relationship, but I totally understand you needing more. Totally. And I encourage that for you. (And I sort of admire it, too, to be honest.)

  • Omg you seriously made my life with that! Thank you so much :) I needed to hear that! We actually broke up last night sooooo.. Meh.. Our age difference was too much. (I'm 17 and he's 25)

  • I'm really really sorry to hear about the breakup because I know how sad that is when it happens. I actually got dumped by my ex -- the one I'm having the affair with now -- when he hooked up with the really really young girl, and I was soooooo devastated. It sounds like you may be better off now, since he wasn't really taking good care of you, sexually, and so now you can experiment as much as you like and find a man who CAN take care of you the right way. I know it's none of my business, but I would totally say that the age difference wasn't the problem for you, it was his s** drive, and that you need a guy with a higher s** drive and a bigger appetite for s** that's at least as much as you have. I actually believe for what its worth that you should be dating guys even older than him, maybe as much as ten years older or even more, because of how mature you are, sexually and in other ways. You are obviously much much much more mature than other girls your age (aren't you the most mature of all your friends?? like by a lot???) and so I think you need an older man to date. I had the same problems with guys when I was around your age, and once I started dating grown men a lot older then me all those problems just went away immediately. Give it a try. And again, I'm sorry about your breakup.

  • I really appreciate that, thank you so much!! Yeah I am a lot more mature than most girls my age (hence my love for older guys) but I've only met a couple guys with the energy to keep up with my s** drive. I'll try older :)

  • Ok,i will give you dog s***,in your mail.where do you live.LOL

  • Nope, I won't give you h*** for it. If your boyfriend were taking care of your sexual needs, you'd have no "need" for other men, so the fact that you're continuing to explore and search says that he's not up to the task: his fault. Alternatively, you may be unwilling to saddle yourself with just the one relationship, knowing that he isn't "the one". And finally, there are women in the world who simply cannot be satisfied by just one man, and you may be one of them. There's nothing wrong with any of that, and you're not wrong for experimenting: it is the essence of the scientific method. Oh . . . and it's fun.

  • Thank you so much for being honest and nice about this! I really appreciate that! You're right, if he was around more often I wouldn't feel the need for more attention...

  • you cant help it if you have a hunger for s** that you bf cant satisfy. you would only be making a mistake if you allowed him to keep being unsatisfactory and you failed to get what you need elsewhere. if he finds out about it you can always find another man. dont be apologetic or embarrassed or ashamed. tell him to his face: "IT'S YOUR F****** FAULT!!!!" because it IS his f****** fault.

  • So when i guys spend as much time as he can with you and you still cheat and fool around, it's his fault?? o_O it would be if he wasn't there a lot or even putting an effort in the relationship. if it's only the s** drive then tell him about it and maybe he will try to live up to speed with you and your s** drive. I'm f****** tired of guys and girls always blaming their bf for something they did not do or finding something to blame them for. oh and just a note to the poster, when you grow old and still doing this, your parents or siblings will be ashamed of you and prob never bring their kids around you + when you die, that's it you have no more bloodline to pass on.

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