Married men

I get a massive kick out of having s** with married men.
All started when i was 16 and was seduced by my then boyfriends dad, i found it a massive turn on chatting to his mum knowing her husband and son had both f***** me!
It was game on after that, i had s** with 3 of my ex's dads and most of my friends husbands/boyfriends. Deep down i know its bad and im a s*** friend but honestly i just love forbidden c*** and there is noone off limits!
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  • For me it's not the forbidden fruit, it's the fruit that has as much to lose as I do. I ONLY cheat with married men so they don't blab to my husband

  • You're my dream wife! Id make a decent woman outta you (so everybody would think) but I'd love hearing you come home to tell me how naughty you've been and who's forbidden c** is in you!

  • I cant be sorta decent lol. I honestly don't know whats up with me, i dont want my own man literally will f*** anyone elses tho, my latest is my neighbour's boyfriend 😘

  • That's so hot to me... such a turn on! I actually had gfs like that i had do this... it surprised me to find im become closer and shun other girls... only craving you! Weird but i become a one woman man lol... go figure!

  • By the way 56 married Arthur..its got to be so much more exciting to you to have f***** a guy that is a spouse to be 'off limits' ;)

  • How would you feel about dating my son? He’s 20 and plays hockey and soccer!

  • Im 35 now so maybe a bit old for him lol i like much older men, like 60s older....married preferably 😘

  • In my 30's. I was married but f****** late teens/early 20's, wife found out and we divorced, got remarried, and have been for 30 years but can't help f****** younger women. I'm 63 now, last year I managed to f*** a late teen again, she was a crazy hot freak though. Most recently some in 20's and 30's. Oldest has been 42. She was my daughter's ex-girlfriend (now bi). That felt very wrong. f****** ,y boss's daughter was most satisfying.

  • Sounds good to me! I got divorced at 39 and f***** about 4 28yr olds 22 and 18 and two 48s... i married one of these 28s who is now 39! We'r did a lot of swinging and still have an open marriage. We are in love more than ever!

  • A find age gaps quite hot. When I was in my teens, I f***** a woman living in my street, she was 30+. In my 20's I f***** a lot of 40's and 50's, but then in my 30's I started with younger women. My first wife is the only woman vaguely my age I've had s** with. When I remarried at 33 my wife was 19. Now I just loving f****** someone I'm not supposed to! I recently tried out older again, she was 86 and in very good shape, very active, looked after herself. I came so easily just knowing how old she was. Might meet her again thinking about it.

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