Away from home part time job

I’m home from college because of the pandemic. I picked an out of state university and my parents told me to get a part-time job for extra cash. I didn’t want to work at the mall, fast food or the movie theater. A friend convinced me to try a ‘dating’ site she uses. The guys are old, most are married but they’re all polite & respectful. It’s fun easy money and I get gifts.
While unpacking mom asked about my new cloths and shoes. I said I work part-time at a hotel front desk and I get a clothing allowance to look professional. lol Dad asked about my new MacBook and apple watch too.
My parents are always in my business. If they found out they’d be furious and lecture. My boyfriend’s preoccupied with his playstation and online gaming and has no clue. We never communicated much when I was away at school. I’ve been home 3 months and he’s not asked me to come over one time. I’m thinking of calling it off but I don’t want the hassle of searching for another boyfriend after I graduate.
I still get ‘dtf’ messages from random guys in the middle of this stay at home order. I message them more than my bf. Everything’s closed so I can’t meet anyone right now. I want a random hookup but I’ll have to wait till stuff opens up or school starts back.

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  • Hot. Good you making money and making older guys happy too. A win-win for everyone and I don't see anything wrong with it. Do these guys go straight to ** in a motel or do they try to wine and dine you first? Do they use condoms or do they go all natural?

  • Thanks for your kind and supportive comment. I'm bored and didn't know what reaction people would have after I posted it.
    My single guys are widowers and live local. They're sweethearts and take me out to a nice restaurant or country club then back to their house. I'll hang and talk for a while before we go to the bedroom.
    My regular married guys live out of town but visit often for business & golf. I'll meet them for dinner at the country club then back to their hotel. After s*x I'll leave.
    One guy prefers me to spend the entire weekend when he's in town. He'll play golf with his friends, I drive the cart, get refills and play caddie. I don't know what I'm doing but they're cool and tell me what club to hand them. LOL I get thrill because his friends know I'm his out of town sugar baby. LOL I have lots of s*x when he's in town.
    This job all about the relationship. It's important to be able to connect and have great conversation. Each one buys me nice cloths, take me to expensive restaurants, hang out at country clubs and they pay for everything!
    The fun part is s*x. The married guys just want ** because they're not getting it at home. The single guys want it to be more intimate and I'll spend the night. I like both and can climax either way. I'm on bc but the 'dating site' requires condoms. If they refuse, I can remove them from my approved list.

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