goin crazy

You f***** b**** you took my life, i used to know where i was going and you made me lose myself, I hate u from the bottom of my heart.if there was no way to get caught i would kill you slow you dumb b****.i cant believe u would take my daughter i raised her, im her daddy, she was the reason i stopped being crazy and f****** up and u ripped her from me.i cant kill you, cuz then ill never see her. she needs me and i need her. u have no idea how many nights i sat up crying wanting my baby home. i cant even go in her room. if i was young again id knock ur entire family off. anyone that had anything to do with it.ur all f***** losers. i sat outside your f***** boyfriends parents house with a tec waitin to smoke anyone who came out of the house because i know you let my baby girl call him daddy you f****** c***. but i have to keep my mind straight and i have to pay the court fines, and the lawyer fees, to get her back. then you told the police that i harassed u when i wanted to see my daughter, and that i was a gang member, knowin i got out of the gang life for my daughter when she was born and i was a stand up dad for my baby, i fffffffuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkin hate u so much. the only thing that keeps me from f***** slitting ur throat is my daughter and my freedom. u used my daughter like chess piece u dont take care of her shes always dirty her hair is never done she bleeds with a rash cause ur f***** stupid and cant change a diaper, u do drugs with ur trailer trash boyfriend, and his family, ur family is nothin but a bunch of illiterate pieces of s***. everytime you got mad at me u told me i would never see her again. i was respectful to you when u left me to ride someone elses d***. cuz u were the mother of my child and this is how u repay me. it would be so easy to break in ur house while u sleep and slit all your throats, her uncles f***** hate you, your a f***** rat b**** and you know im capable of hurting you. i promise you when she is back with me after court i will make sure she knows wat u did to mine and hers relationship how you tore us apart, you f***** c***. im not done with ur boyfriends p**** ass either, i remember when u had to stick up for him and hide him from me cuz he was talkin s*** but couldnt even be a man and talk to me. and when i called him out 3 times because he thought he could tell me what to do concerning my daughter and he bitched up .b**** im always watching u making sure u dont leave town with my daughter.she had a good life with me, her own room. always pretty and happyand clean, hair done, brand new clothes, u know how much i love her. you know one of my children died by your hands because u were a p**** and didnt want to have another one. and u know i lost diamond when she was two because her mom took her. i lost two kids then you take another from me.im not done with u b****.ive had dreams of watching u bleed on the floor gargling blood ,throat slit ,filled with bullet holes while im beating your skull to little fragments of bone, and blast ur mom in the head, take my daughter far away and save her from your f***** up loser life, and after everybody is dead set the f****** house on fire, and watch it burn. you kidnapped my daughter b**** i dont give a f*** wat the police say u kidnapped her and anyone that has to do with it is an accomplice, f*** all of you.there is no cure or way to express or take away how f****** angry frustrated and hurt i feel.or to take away how many tears ive cried. i will never get over wat u have done, to gabriela or me, i would take satisfaction in seeing your blood on my hands, along with that sweet copper smell. yes b**** im going crazy.she is the only person who let me feel again, my whole life is based around her. and you took it. f*** all you low life pieces of s***. i hope all of you burn in h***. remember the most dangerous man is one who has nothn to live for, b**** you better hope i get my daughter back after court, i will go back the way i was, with no concience, and i will put in work on that whole family, i wont stop until every single one of you bleed, thats from the bottom of my heart. I love you gabriela your everything to me, from your first heartbeat i promised myself with tears in my eyes that i would never leave ur side, and i would always protect you, your daddies angel, theres not one second of the day where i dont think about ur beautiful smile, or cute laugh, or the way u ran to me and gave me a hug and kiss, im gonna miss ur 2 year old birthday because of ur mother, but i will be thinkin of you. your my angel baby i promise i wont ever let anyone get in the way again. till i see u again daddy loves u angel. if there is any women out there that have taken a child away from a father for no reason, you have no idea how much youve hurt us or ur own child let them be a father to their kids. if u dont care then f*** u, u should f***** die to stupid b******.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Im sorry to hear this. Some women can be very selfish.

  • I'm sure ur insurance carrier covers some therapy, ur obviously very hurt...don't let ur daughter witness that anger b/c she don't understand it. Children love their parents regardless.

  • ^ LMAO!!!

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