I despise religion but love Jesus Christ

It's not The Lord I have a problem with it's his fan clubs known as religion. They talk about torturing people in a place called h*** but they are usually the biggest sinners.

May 31, 2020

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  • Does anyone actually care whether god exists or not?

  • Religions aren't perect, admittedly. It's because they are the product of man. So, by definition, they cannot be perfect. But if you love Jesus as you say, then you should be involved in a group that the Bible identifies as part of Him. In fact, you should WANT to be with them, with other people who believe what you believe and who love Him like you do. You're missing out on a lot of beauty and growth and inspiration and knowledge and fellowship AND LOVE if you remain separated. Please don't give up on the rest of us. We need you!

  • Your group needs a lot of things, starting with a heaping helping of basic humanity.

  • I am a loner and don't need to worship Jesus with us.

  • Ditto

  • Really??????
    What a JOKE!!

  • God loves you and I love you and that's the way it should be.
    We can love others like sisters and brothers and that's the way it should be.

  • Interesting the way people see the need to judge and criticise others. You want to go to church, go. Don't want to go then don't. Want to dress as the opposite s**, go for it. Don't want to, then don't. But why b**** and judge those who are different than you.

  • Sorry, is this a CHRISTIAN asking this?? Because if you are, you lack even basic insight, which is typical of loudmouthed god-botherers (MAGAts too but I digress)

  • This is something the type of Christian who loves to cry about "persecution" will never get.
    Does religion scratch an itch for you, foster some comfort, provide guidance? Great, fantastic. Glad it's working for you.
    The nanosecond you start up with "aaaand YOU'RE gonna go to h*** unless you clap along with me and my friends", you are done.
    That goes for any pushy jerk0ff, not just the religious kinds. But those types kind of have a reputation, so...

  • I am a Christian but this is why I gave up going to church there are so many hypocrites there who wonโ€™t even recognize their own problems and their own sins but they have no problem criticizing the rest of the world and they refuse to step up and do the stuff that they should show the world how right Jesus is for the world And how they become more worried about not offending people rather than calling out the sin in the Bible and others and themselves to fix themselves and then the world

  • I killed so many bee as they were making bee hive in the backyard I felt bad after this would I be sent to h*** ?๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • No, but honey will forever taste like ashes in your mouth now.

  • You only go to h*** for not believing on Christ. Salvation is a free gift by faith. Your works will never save you

  • How easy ... a little too easy.

  • Thank you. That's what I believe.

  • Godโ€™s managers are every where

  • That's exactly the problem.

  • I get it. The purity and kindness that is intended gets lost in the application. I know many people who are quite untalented and generally stupid, but boy oh boy just mention Christ and religion and they turn into self appointed theological experts! Very annoying and distracting.

  • Yes, we are a conflicted and confusing lot. But we love you!

  • Is that supposed to be "reassuring"? My father loved me too, and showed it by beating the crap out of me about once a week or so. So save your so-called "love".

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