Friends mom

When i visited my friends last time, i saw his mother. Shes 42. When i arrived, she walked around in a halv-unbuttoned shirt and thong. She greeted me, like nothing was wrong. I couldent take my eyes of her.

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  • My best friend's mom was hot. She was divorced, but would have a guy friend over frequently. She'd come out of the bedroom with her hair all messed up as she had just gotten **. Her ** looked great, and she'd wear t-shirts with no bra, so her nips were poking through. Looked great in shorts. She also made a fantastic BLT sandwich. I wanted to ** her so bad.

  • Reminds me of time when I thought my friend's mom is hitting on me. She used to wear low cut top or sometimes short skirt AFTER I went to his house.

    Like if she was in regular dress she used to change it after I went to my friends house. Turns out she just liked to tease people in general.

    I remember when I made my first move and touch her arm she slapped my arm lightly and told me to behave.

  • That was my hot older sister (still is). She'd walk around her apartment, then house, in thong undies or bikini bottoms and a tank or crop top, or short, terrycloth robe fully open and exposing her amazing body. She was very big on being comfy at home no matter who visited or was there. I'd stop by myself or with my guy friends who were constantly asking "Is your sister home? Let's go see her", "I want to see her naked. Is she home? Can you get her to take it off for us? Not like she wears anything anyway". They'd bug me so much at times that I just gave in and would tell them "Fine, we'll go see her if it shuts you up!".

    We'd get there, she'd let us in and give a flirty "Hii, guys", striking a hands on hips pose and giving us all greeting hugs and me our standard lip kiss that sometimes lasted longer than a hello. The guys would fall over themselves trying to impress her, help her with everything just to sneak in a touch or grab, jokingly smack her **, and ask "Can I get another hug?", and she would give them both another, being passed from one to the other as she laughed and said "You're so bad!" when they grabbed her ** and picked her up off her feet.

    That was really it with her. She liked being comfy at home or indoors. Even in college, she'd visit me for a weekend and dress like that in my apartment. Get there, we'd go eat or something, come back, and, boom. Tiny thong undies or black bikini bottom and a short, under-** baring shirt.

  • What a rich fantasy life you live, little one xD

  • And? Is that it, nothing happened? Snore!!!

  • When I was 19 I was having an affair with my best friend's mom. She was somewhere around 45, divorced, and every bit as ** as I was. One particular weekend he was out of town for a band concert. I was in bed ** the mom when he came home early and caught us. Needless to say, he is no longer my friend. His mom was so embarrassed by it all, she no longer wanted to see me. So, I lost out both ways.

  • Tell more, describe the lady and how old are you ?

  • Im 17. she has a big ** and short, blond hair. Tattoos on one arm and a trampstamp. singlemom. She has a thing for hippie trousers and thongs. One time i looked through a basket of dirty laundry. it was a goldmine of **. i stuck a very spicy thong in my pocket.

  • I tried to shoot a couple of pics of her. got a nice **.

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