My wife doesn't know...

My wife doesn't know that I still have my favorite video game. I told her I would get rid of it because she doesn't like it. My favorite video game is this interactive video game called Rapelay. It's a Japanese amime video game. It's kind of like the video game Grand Theft Auto but, whereas in Grand Theft Auto you get to go around being a crook in the video game, in Rapelay, you get to around being a rapist. It's really alot of fun. It's very realistic and pretty graphic, too. Basically, you get to rape women and girls in a variety of locations like on a subway, you can break into their homes, etc. And there are different women you can rape of varying ages. My friends and I enjoy the game, alot. My wife resents the game (just like some resented Grand Theft Auto). In fact, Amazon refuses to sell the game (but you can still get it on-line, all you have to do is google it). But I say that is censorship. Because, in the end, it's just fantasy. And many people have rape fantasies, guys and girls, alike. That does not mean they are going to go out and rape. I mean, I have 2 daughters. I am definitely not pro-rape. But a little fantasy every now and then never hurt anybody, right? It's a really great game and I know I'll never get rid of it. I just wish I could correct my wife's thinking about this game so I wouldn't have to hide it from her.

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  • Get rid of it. She's going to find it sometime, then you're ass is done. I'm as much into fetishes and the like as the next guy, and, had my own things hidden from my now-ex wife. Got away with it for the most part, but, she did find (and kill me on) envelopes of voyeur photos I had of various women. Luckily, didn't find the dozens of full-nude pics I had of my hot, older sister, which we'd done here and there for fun. Also never found a few, very graphic and descriptive p*** mags and books I had.

    Do yourself a favor, and ditch the video game.

  • Why not just rape your young daughters ? they ages is ? young girls are the best .

  • You must be the stupidest a****** on the planet!
    A man with a wife AND TWO daughters playing rape games??

    Read your post, you dumb ass! It is disgusting! I am horrified you would even tolerate it being in your house.

    You are a pathetic loser, fantasizing about rape.

    Hope your wife finds it and drop kicks your nasty ass out of the house.
    The girls would be so much better with out you in their life.

  • F*** that, go out and do the real thing.
    That way, it's not a game and you don't have to hide it.

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