I'd like to spit in her eye

I did some extensive analytical work on the investments of my girlfriend and her family. Several days worth of preparation. Sent it to her. Never heard a word. Not a thank you. Not an offer to pay me. No proffer of a return of favor. Nothing. NOTHING. It's like she thought I owed it to her. To them. I'd like to grab her neck and spit in her eye. Oh, well. I guess I know now this "relationship" is NOT a relationship. There's benefit in that, I suppose. I'm done. B****.

Jun 3, 2020

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  • It also sounds like you are expected to be owed something....take the plank out of your own eye

  • That kind of person is a taker. How do you think that family got to the point that they have all those investments? They just assume that anything that benefits them is what the world ought to be doing anyway, like letting the sun shine and grass grow. Does one thank the sun and the grass? That's how this kind of arrogant c*** thinks. Stick to worthwhile humans in the future.

  • Understood. My gf has health issues and a work comp claim, which is what I do for a living. So, I've helped her quite a bit, called attorneys I know on her behalf, even gotten into it with hospital staff when she doesn't get her pain meds, even though I know they think she's addicted and, to a point, so do I. But, when she's in the hospital, the pain meds do help her and more importantly, shuts her up about it.

    I've stuck my neck out for her with people I know professionally, and other than the rare thank-you when something goes extremely well, really haven't gotten much thanks for my efforts. I can just as easily do nothing and leave her to her own doctor's appointments, problems with claimspeople, and suffer with no pain meds in the hospital. Maybe it's time I start, and see if she thinks, boy, he did a lot for me. I probably should have thanked him more than once or twice.

  • What did you expect?

  • He expected to be nice and get a thank you, what do you think he expected?

  • Yes, some kind of show of appreciation, rather than just her acting like I figging owed it to her. Damn . . . . . . . .

  • Entitled people are Stage 4 cancer in a world riddled with a*******. It should be legal to hit them with a shovel.

  • You don't think he sounds equally self entitled.... Ya clearly did it for a reason other than the own kindness of your heart

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