American spelling

Why do so many Americans make serious spelling mistakes when they post on line? If they are unsure of a spelling then they should use a dictionary and always check what they intend to post.

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  • Who cares. And if you can't get laid? Rent a h*****! You have to much time on your hands

  • Too, to.

  • It's because people are lazy. And also WHO CARES.

  • Because it gets difficult to read, many do care, it also comes over as a window into the writers intelligence and education.

  • Americans are the definition of re-tarded.

  • According to gutless Eurotrash and Third-World imbeciles like you!

  • Why do you respond to these trolls? They are probably American themself, just saying stupid s***.

  • Themselves, not themself.

  • Why are you still trolling in here?

  • On here, not "in here"

  • Yep.......Americans can't spell for s***.

  • No worse than any other country.

  • No, you're wrong. We are much worse. We have become a nation of morons.

  • Speak for yourself, moron. Every society has citizens that have trouble spelling even in their native tongue.

  • It's not trouble. It's pathetic.

  • Depends on whether it's willful or not.

  • Who the f*** cares as long as the point was understood? language is constantly changing and will possibly just be taken over by computers exchanging data wih human brains.

  • It is people all over the world that make spelling mistakes. Quit being a xenophobic twatwaffle

  • F***** ignorant american right here^^^^^

  • Said the gutless Eurotrash!

  • As your wanking it to hotties from europe on p*** sites lolololol

  • No. I prefer women without d_i_c_k_s. So the european trannies are out. Why do you let them peg you?

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  • Didn't, not "didnt"

  • I'll enjoy my wife while you're getting boned by an HIV+ tranny. Bet you'll swallow too!

  • Same person^^

  • Of course I swallow. AND I'm the one that infected that tranny.
    You should try it some time.
    I did the same thing to some 8 year old boys.
    You have a problem with that?

  • Guess u might be going to prison

  • You, not "u"

  • Same person^

  • Troll...... You are probably American yourself.

  • You're probably an illegal immigrant.

  • In America illegal immigrants are referred as "illegal aliens" that's f****** backwards!

  • No it's not. Are you an illegal alien?

  • Yes, they're!

  • Yes, here to do your job because you lazy f*** who live off state aid :)

  • Nice try, criminal. You couldn't do my job if you cloned yourself.

  • Yeah, you maybe right. I couldn't clean sewers, but you're right at home there.

  • Of course you couldn't clean a sewer. That's why your place is always a mess.

  • . Those people in Journalism are the worst spelling offenders.

  • Whatcha talkin bout Willis?

  • You know what's strange, as I read this confession, your particular comment was what I was thinking about writing, it was my first thought (:

  • Now your supposed to say now in the script of your life “OMG what have I done to her and everyone? I am so bad I got to get away from them all!” and hang your head in guilt everywhere you go and be closed in and talk to now one kaka-doo!

  • You mean kaka-don't come back!

  • Individuals make errors, regardless of their nationality.

  • Why does it bother you so much? or is this just more "we hate Americans" bullshit.

  • I couldn't agree with you more. Most are too lazy to even check what they type. Even then, if they see it is wrong, they refuse to correct it.

  • I agree x

  • So what is the "x" for in your statement? Pretty sure you are a hypocrite.

  • I disagree x

  • Of course you would, and now you play it off l like it was intentionally. So now you are not only hypocritical, you are a liar as well.

  • Intentional, not intentionally.

  • I still disagree :)

  • And you are still a hypocrite!!

  • I disagree immensely ☺

  • You can disagree all you want, even immensely, but you're still a hypocrite. And that is a fact!

  • I wholeheartedly disagree ☺ Thank you for continuously, entertaining me.

  • is going on here.......?..................... x

  • Entertainment (:

  • Your suicide would be entertainment (:

  • I disagree :)

  • Yeah totally lets do it together i will if you join in

  • This person isn't the original commentator, I am.

    I don't use illiterate slang words such as "yeah" I use "yes"

  • You liar! I posted here first. Anyone with a brain can see that you're a troll!

  • You're the troll! (:

  • Quit deflecting.

  • We'll start with you first.

  • Wrong person

  • Still wrong person.

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