I saw my sister in law naked

I was in deep conversation with my brother when I got the huge urge to take a leak. I stop the conversation and walk to the bathroom (theres only 1 in the apartment). The door is cracked so I assume no one is in there. I do a quick knock and open the bathroom door and I hear the shower running and by then it was too late. The door swings open and I see my sister in law (brothers wife) naked, wet and steamy.

I keep eye contact while quickly taking it all in. Small mexican, huge ass, t***, milf body and a clean p****. I do a quick "sorry," with no response from her cause of shock probably lol, and shut the door.

I go back to my brother and he continues the conversation. I tell him to stop again because now I need to smoke a cigarette to process wtf just happened and what I just saw and to p*** outside lol.

Neither of us have mentioned anything to each other or my brother.

A few hours passed and I'm lying in bed and omg I could not stop thinking about her. I imagined royally f****** her ass naked wet body doggy style while staring in the mirror.

My heart started racing and a hot feeling took over my entire body. I could almost hear her moaning.

I stopped thinking about it because damn I love my brother and I dont want to cross that mental boundary.

Now I'm outside thinking about it again and a dark part of myself wants to be left alone with her while she's walking around naked. I imagine taking off my clothes and letting her play with my d***. And s*** why am I thinking about this again lol.


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  • I've always f***** my sister in law and it's become sort of a norm. My sister knows about this as well (lesbian couple for those wondering.). Their son just leaves the room whenever we just start talking because he once walked in on us and I sincerely hope he is not traumatized by it. She's a very sexy one who can't stand being ignored which is why I actually f***** her the first time, then we sort of became addicted to it.

  • I had a similar situation. A year or so later my brother and his wife were at our house swimming in our pool. She wore a very revealing swim suit and made sure I got a peak of her bush.

    She sent my brother to the store to get some beer. Then she asked me to give her a hand in the kitchen. She was cutting some veggies for a veggie tray. She grabbed a cucumber and said I bet you are bigger than this. I stepped behind her pulled her swim suit out of the way and f***** her HARD. All as we watched my wife play with the kids in the pool.

    It was amazing

  • I slept with my wife's sister a bunch of times. It was amazing!

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