Black guy in my gym

I'm not sure why i'm posting here, i guess i dont want my friends to know about this. I found this site after searching the internet for similar situations. I'm a 35 year old happily married, mother of two. I've been going to the same gym for a little over two years. I only go to the dance and Zumba classes, I never use the machines. About two weeks ago, my class was canceled and since I was already there, I decided to use some of the machines. I was having an issue trying to figure out how this one machine worked, when this huge black man came up to me. I'm 5'3, and this guy was way taller than 6 feet and full of muscles, I was almost at eye level with his waist & also noticed he had a massive bulge in his shorts. I couldn't believe how big it was, it looked like he had a Pringles can in his shorts, lol. He asked me if I needed help & In my almost trance like state, lol, I said yes. I had seen him many times before, but I never thought anything of him. He helped me with the machine and I finally got the hang of it. Before he left he said he loved my blonde hair & the way I smell. I swear I got wet right there. I worked out for a minute and then i had to go to the bathroom and m********* to this man. I couldn't control myself. Now, all I can think of is this huge black man and his huge d***. What's wrong with me? I Iove my husband.

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  • Go for it my wife does

  • I have been married to a white for almost 10 years and also see black men whenever i can. My husband has no idea and i truly love being with black men. I say go for it!

  • You only live once

  • What has happened since your first encounter with him at his apartment?

  • I used to be married but I let my wife go as I could not compete with a 10 inch hung blk guy whose muscled to h***

  • It’s because you know you won’t to try and this will not stop till you do , just think of how many other white wife’s have been in the same thing your in that have tried and are happy they did your regret it if you don’t

  • It's because you're a f****** w****.

  • Arsehole

  • If you fantasise about it and would like to experience it, go for it.

  • N***** f****** w****, the lowest kind of w****.

  • T***

  • I knew a hot wife that I used to seen her working at some business company while ago, she was wearing very tied short skirt and about 5, 6 inch with shiny brown hair when at work. later on it was heard the she once dated a black guy at some place and he eventually started to f*** and own her. she got divorced and now lives with her new lover,, someone told me she became his mistress, she left her job and works as a first assistance of her lover and office negotiator that makes deal with clients. he f***** her everyday and f***** other wives too, I love it.

  • Watch yourself.

  • You are a s***, next question?

  • White women are subhumans.

  • There is nothing wrong with you. Many white women, including myself, have had desires about Black men. I met one much the same as you but I have had s** with him several times. All were grest

  • As you have c** to know now,we black men have that effect on women of any race or marital status. Its in US,Just do it and enjoy:)

  • Shut up n*****

  • Yes, my wife just does it and enjoys it. I accept it. I am 20 years older than my wife and do not have a high s** drive. My wife needs it and loves black men. It turns me on.

  • Mmm...

  • Half hour of taking it? I call BS, sounds as though it's written by a male IMHO.

  • Hey opposite poster, I really hope you will happen to read this someday because I know everyone here would love to know how this actually played out!

    Did you manage to beat your sexual cravings towards that hunk? How?

    Or could you not resist and slowly gave to your desires? Did he 'own' in a way that you'd do everything for him just to feel him again?

    I'm going to admit that I want to secretly get my girlfriend hooked on a black guy myself, so I'm kinda hoping for the latter ;) but if you managed to beat it then GOOD FOR YOU!

    Hope you can share either of the stories with us :)

  • I meant of course "original poster". I hope that in the end you are happy and have learned from the outcome, whichever it may be.

  • Lol nevermind, didn't realize she already posted her followup. To be honest I kinda expected this man to handle her, but never expected it'll go so easily.

    Not saying she is easy though, that man obviously has sexual energy of a s** god. Poor wife had absolutely no chance, I'm just surprised it went THAT quickly!

    Good for you! Glad you have come in tune with your desires :)

  • I love my husband too. But it didnt stop me from sucking a black guy in the gym I go to. And yes I also admit it didnt stop me from getting the h*** f***** out of my p**** in the locker area later on. I love my husband and what he dont know want hurt him.

  • Donna Gardner u dirty wife

  • Yea way to go commit adultry with a chimp & convince others to do it too yay!!!!

  • Racist!!

  • Black men just love f****** white married women with their big black c**** and white married women love getting f***** by that big black c*** as well and I don't blame you either, but I think he will want you pregnant with his baby ...I hope he does f*** you pregnant with his black child ..enjoy and good luck.

  • Some of you wonder why men cheat and why men treat you like crap. Ignorance is bliss i guess. If you want to be a ho, get divorced. Do this single. Destroying a marriage because of sexual fantasy makes you a coward and a cheat. Again. Be single. If this is what you want so be it. Ruining others lives is not the answer. But a lot of you are selfish and your time is coming.

  • I am a black guy and this is simply one of the many reasons I enjoy f****** white women,married or not!

  • Only white you can f*** are the pigs on the farm where you work and clean their s***, boy. :)

  • He wants you and he's going to own you. Resisting him is pointless.

  • Exactly. Black men want to own white women. If they are married it is even better. They want to humiliate the husband and make him a sissy cuckold. Once a white wife gives it up to a black man she is doomed. She will never be free again.

  • The life you had before you returned to the gym after a 2-week absence is over. And you should give thanks for that, because what you are about to encounter is so much better than anything you ever imagined. Not only have you been taken and become possessed by a hung black man, you have become OWNED by a knowing dominant master, a man who understands your submissive nature and your out-of-control sexual hunger. He knew it the first time he met you and helped you work out. Seriously, think back to that first day and think about how off-balance you were, there in his orbit. He was planting the seed of need in you, and you just stood there and absorbed it all. He knew you even then, before he took you home and humiliated you before his neighbors and then ruined you for him and his c***. You may remain living with your husband and children -- IF this man allows it -- but you are now the property of the Master, yes, you are OWNED by him, and your prior family life is over. That's not to say you won't have more children, no: he will demand that you stop taking the pill so that he can repeatedly knock you up, and you will happily, eagerly, hungrily oblige. (That will probably happen the next time he takes you home with him.) You will have several black babies for this man. You will have them because you will always do what the Master says for you to do. Otherwise, he will take that magnificent black d*** out of your t*** and out of your life. And that is something you cannot allow, because your body will not allow it. You must have that big black c***. Even after only having it once, you now must have it. You must, and by God, you will. You know how bad you need it. And the Master knows how bad you need it. And you both's going to keep happening and it's never going to stop. NEVER. And you are now officially the luckiest woman alive. Don't waste it. In going back to the gym after two weeks, you did exactly what you should have done. Keep doing that.

  • Oh come on , cut the crap and take my big white c*** in your ass boy.

  • I agree with you...this fine lady has a mindset that may make it possible for her to stop taking the pill and have kids with this black dude.If she does not,I think she is going to stay f****** him or a variety of black men from now on. She sounds hooked and mesmerized for sure! am jealous of the dude lol

  • We lay there for awhile and smoked a few cigarettes. I asked him if I could shower and he said no, he wanted me to go back to the gym with him smelling of s**. He also told me not to clean my p****, he wanted all his c** to stay in there until it dripped out on its own. He on the other hand did shower. Before we left, I looked at myself in the mirror and started crying. I was ashamed, but what really made me cry is the thoughts I had of wanting this all the time.
    He didn't treat me very good, but he f***** me like I never imagined. That was

  • How is it going these days? It's a really good confession and I want to know more.

  • when i got taken by my first black man i started crying too. i knew my marriage had been a joke and that it was over but thats not what made me cry. it was that i had found my place in the world with a man who knew what i needed and who knew how to give it to me and mostly who knew how to put me in my place. he showed me that white women are intended to be with black men and are supposed to submit to them no matter what. i would cry every time he took me for almost the entire first year because what he did to me and what he made me feel and the rudeness and brutality with which he treated me and even beat me was a thing of beauty. before he took me and ruined me for him i thought i knew all about s** but it quickly became obvious that i knew nothing at all about it until he found me, took me and ruined me and destroyed my marriage. i know exactly how you feel and i am even crying right now just to think how wonderful you must feel and how complete he has made you. i love you and i love what hes doing to you.

  • /s a gay man with no a*** left.

  • I begged him to go slowly and thankfully he did. After about 5 minutes he was able to get it almost half way in. At this point, his length was not bothering me, but his width was absolutely intense. I felt like he was ripping me in two. I have never felt like that. I was soaking wet and started c****** with only half of him in me. After a little while longer I was having multiple o******. He finally went all the way in me. I was screaming and crying and it felt wonderful. I came so hard, I started squirting. I've never done that-wow. He f***** me for about half hour until he came inside me (im on the pill) After that I was on his couch trembling for a couple of minutes. It was the most erotic and intense moment of my life.

  • I would like to see my wife with her legs wide apart with a huge black c*** shafting her c***.

  • My wish is to see my getting a big black c*** in her p****.

  • After some hesitation, I tried suck him. I was able too fit him in my mouth, but not very deep. When I realized where I was and what I was doing, I started to get really h**** and played with myself through my gym pants. I came within a minute. My mouth was hurting. He lifted me up like I was nothing and ripped of my clothes. At this point I didn't care anymore, I just wanted him. He was being very rough and that turned me on. He literally threw me on his couch and tried sticking his d*** in me. Oh my goodness, it could not go in at all.

  • I got in my car and followed him. He lived in a pretty bad neighborhood. When we got to his apt complex, I got out of the car and was scared. He told me not to worry and to come up with him. As we walked up the stairs, all these guys and girls were staring at me. I was really scared, and I turned to go back. He saw me and told me not to worry, not many "hot white girls" come here and laughed. My heart was pumping, we finally got to his apartment and walked in. As soon as we walked in, he dropped his shorts and told me to "suck his c***." His d*** was huge!!! It looked as big as my forearm.

  • Well, after taking a couple of weeks off from my gym, and thinking a lot about my dilemma, i decided to go back to my gym and see if he was there. My husband was out of town and my mom was picking up my kids. I took a long shower & wore a sexier than usual outfit. Within seconds of walking in, he approached me. He looked even bigger than I remember, and I immediately became aroused. Any guilt I felt, went away when I saw this huge beautiful man. He asked me where I had been & I decided to tell him. This made him a little arrogant and he told me he knew I wanted his c***. I couldn't believe he said that, I was offended and turned on at the same time. He did not beat around the bush and basically ordered me to come to his apartment with him.I tried to be tough, but I ended up going.

  • I lost my wife to a black man. She said she still loved me but couldn't possibly give him up. This is exactly how it starts.

  • same experience here and now i not only hate my wife and the black guy who took her away from me and our kids but i hate all blacks because of him.

  • Don't hate your wife. There's no possible way she could resist him once he stuck it inside her. After that, she belonged to him. It's nature. Don't hate her for following nature.

  • ......he wants you......your a very lucky girl.....

  • Black girl's rule,white girl's drool.

  • Porch monkey,saying these two word's to an african american with a gun(Famiy killer)can get you killed with out a 2nd thought.think two time's about it.

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Our hearts and our bodies want what they want, and they won't be satisfied or happy until they get that. With you, you want that beautiful black man in your life and in your body, and so you should go out and get that. Find out what you're missing. Find out what it's like to have the thing you want more than anything else. Find out what it's like to cross that line you're afraid of crossing. Stop worrying and start enjoying. Your husband doesn't have to know, and if you're as careful as I think you'll be (you are clearly a very intelligent woman), he never will. You need to be with that new man.

  • as soon as you have him do you your going to want to start having his babies

  • I know how this girl feels and I feel the same. I want a black baby sooooooo bad.

  • I wanna give you a black baby soo badly because i crave a baby with a white girl more than anything..where can I find you?

  • me too. i want one in me.

  • Halle berry.

  • He was trying to pick you up. Next time, let him.

  • Once you get him inside of you, you will be addicted, and you will never want to stop getting him inside you, and you will not even be able to remember your husband's name. you will be in love with this new man in a way that you have never experienced before. true love.

  • You need to make a point of going by the gym every day for a while, even if you aren't working out. Every day. Just go looking for him, see if he's there, and make a point of saying hello to him. Put yourself where he is. Let him see you, and let him talk with you. Smile. Flatter him. Flirt. Dress well. And be sure to wear or use whatever perfume, soap, shampoo, skin cream or powder you were wearing the day you two met each other and he remarked on your scent (although he may have been speaking in s**-code and talking about how good your p**** smelled to him). Mark that day on your calendar, and every time it comes up -- one week anniversary, one month anniversary, two month anniversary, etc. -- make a point of telling him that when you go by the gym to see him. But whatever you do, go by the gym to see him. And make it evident that your only reason for being there is to see him and only him. He needs to be able to see that you're throwing yourself at him (and at his c***) without you actually saying those words. Be with him, and always be happy to see him. If he still doesn't act, then take a step further and ask him to act as a sort of informal personal trainer for you, touching you to shape your workout or to put you in position on a machine. Do whatever you need to do in order to be around him and allow him to come on to you even more than he already has. If that still doesn't do the trick, then after a workout, ask him to meet you for coffee, or a salad, or to go to a movie with you. Just put yourself around him, and open yourself to him. You are going to be so happy, and he is the one who will make you happy. Congratulations on finding a real man, and on getting him interested. And good luck to you in developing this wonderful relationship with him. Enjoy your new life.

  • no this is wrong. you need to hook up with him before you tell him you know hes married then use it against him to get what you want with him and to get things from him. pretending to find out after your already involved will put you in a great position to make things better for yourself. that is powerful information to have on him and to use on him after your already there.

  • You have more willpower than I do. If the man you described came up to me and told me I smelled good, I would have dropped to my knees in crotch-worship right in front of the whole gym. And I would have let him have me right then and there. Damn, you really must be strong!

  • Damn, girl, you're making me hungry for Pringles.

  • Imagine yourself going to him and being taken by him, made to belong to him, made to become his mistress. And imagine him stripping you naked, lifting you up off the ground, impaling himself in you, and then ragdolling you for hours. If you've never been ragdolled by a powerful black man, becoming limp and hanging spent and immobile from the shaft of his c***, you need to experience that. And then? Well, it's true what they say. You will never go back.

  • That BBC is going to change your life and you're going to love the change. Go throw yourself at his feet and tell him you will do anything he wants, no matter what, no matter how filthy, no matter how public, no matter how demeaning. Give yourself to him completely.

  • you need to get you some pringles, hun..........

  • You imagine that it's going to be exciting to be connected with this man. Okay, now take that amount of excitement and multiply it by a hundred. That's still not enough to explain to you how wonderful it will be when you are his woman.

  • You are going to love having that man in your life. And in your mouth, and in your p****, and in your ass. You will be the happiest you have ever been in your life. And you can have all that and still have your husband and family. Don't wait another minute. Go back to the gym today, and every day hereafter, until you find him again, and then just put yourself in front of him and let him do the rest. You'll have him between your legs, pounding you relentlessly and without mercy, before you know what happened. And then you'll be the woman you always should have been. Enjoy him. And enjoy your life with him. The thrill ONLY increases with time, unlike your marriage.

  • if all you can think of now is that black man and his huge d*** try and imagine what youll be thinking of after youve given yourself to him and his huge d***. you need to go get on that thing.

  • The only question you have to answer is this: "Can I eat an entire can of Pringles?" :)

  • I'll bet you "got the hang of it"! Pringles are to the potato what spam is to ham. Nothing wrong with desire and running a batch. I would tell your husband while you m********* for him. Chances are If you take that Skin boat to Tuna town, you will craving Lay's potato chips sooner than you think. They all taste good and sometimes Your eyes are bigger than your Stomach.

  • He obviously wants you. I honestly don't know what you're waiting for.

  • Black c*** rules and you HAVE to get this guy!

  • the 1st time i saw a black d*** in real life i knew my marriage was a joke and that was before he even put it in me. then when he did put it in me i knew i would never do my husband no more. that was 6yrs ago and im still married but all my s** life is with black men and the more of them i get the happier i am. my husband is clueless. you should totaly totaly totaly hook it up with your new black man and the sooner you do the happier you will be.

  • There is no substitute for the black d***. None. Period. And once you've gotten that giant thing of his in you, you will be ruined. And happy. Go for it. And don't look back. You need him, and he needs you, and there is nature at work. You need at least to try him out and see how he fits, because if you don't, you will always wonder what it would have been like to f*** that big-dicked n***** from the gym. GOGITCHASUM!

  • If you go through with this adventure with the hung guy, you will destroy your marriage, and you will corrupt the young lives of your child or children. Simply don't go back to the gym. switch gym's. go to Sears and buy some equipment.
    It's not worth it, Been there done that, I have seen my son 5 times in 15 years, my daughter twice in 5 years, I have grandchildren I have never held and only seen in pictures.

    No, it ain't worth it.

  • Thank you nothing wrong with masturbating but cheating aint right

  • I wish people would stop calling you a s***, you clearly need some help. I haven't had experience with this, but maybe if you ignore this feeling and maybe steer clear of him for a while it'll turn out okay. I'm sorry these people are a******* and calling you a w****, good luck.

  • OK. Seriously, this is what you need to do. Instead of thinking about all the hot things about him that turn you on, you have to associate him with something extremely distasteful that turns you off... like him vomiting on you during s**, or him having diarrhea and s******* on himself right there in the gym. The more vivid the imagination the better. Think about that for awhile and I guarantee that you will stop thinking about having s** with him.
    Good luck.

  • Yes, black males have a sexual power that white males simply don't possess, but there's nothing scientific or even mystical about that lure: if you choose to go home after you've "gone black", you can and you will, and if you choose NOT to go home . . . you'll live happily ever after. It's a choice, not an absolute destiny.

  • This is such bullshit. some black males are good in the sack as are some white males. you can't generalize saying "all" men of a race do and those of another race don't. Its all about the individual/

    But it is true - you are in control of your own actions.

  • I wrote about my situation hoping for some sort of support and ideas.There is no need to insult me and call me a s***, I'm not one. The fact is, my feelings have in a way, betrayed me. I love my husband very much, he is a great man and father and he satisfies me sexually. I certainly don't want to cheat on him, but I cannot get the picture of that man and his body out of my head. I'm confused and I have been crying almost every night, because I don't want to feel this way. It's just hard to stop. Like a poster below said, I became arroused just by looking at this man. I don't know what will happen to me if we have s**. I always hear people talkng about going black and never going back. I'm scared that if I act on my feelings, I will become "addicted" to this man and reject my husband sexually. HELP! :(

  • I made another post and am replying to thus one. You can still love you husband and enjoy s** with black men. I have been for almost 10 years. I think it's wonderful and so much enjoy pleasing them. I say go for it. It's wonderful!

  • I am sorry that you felt that way. but honestly, avoid going to the gymn for the time being. it's will help to take your mind off. Same time spend more time with your husband and children. it will help.

  • My wife cheated on me with a black man who was suppose to be a friend I found out so I left her and took my children she ended up homeless and broke and I don't feel sorry about that at all she got what she deserved

  • Please post more about it. I want to know what happened later. I find myself in almost the situation as you are.

  • Its really all up to you, if u want to act on these feelings, then just know the consequences of it, you may enjoy it, you may enjoy having s** with this guy and your husband, who knows, but this is one of those things in life you gotta decide if your gonna act on these feelings or not, and whatever you decide, dont go back on it because it will just drive you crazy

  • You're married and thinking this? S***! W****!!

  • This is actually a troll. Some black trash made it up - as usual.

  • You're mind & body obviously want his black d***. Once that black c*** destroys your married white p****, its all over. You will never want or need your white husband again. Look how h**** you got, and he didn't even touch you! Be careful what you choose.

  • BBC s*** in the making? Ha ha

  • Life is all about taking these opportunities. Maybe hubby would like to watch...I would.

  • You're married, not buried. You are human. I'm sure your husband looks at other women. Doesn't mean he'll act on anything. Enjoy the fantasy.

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