Mother in law fun.

The other night my wife's mom had stayed at our house, My wife's dad had to work so stayed home, We attended a family memorial and she had quite a bit to drink, I watched some tv after everyone else had gone to bed and walked past the spare room on my way to bed, Her mom was laying on her side in her button up PJ's and the way she was laying one of her b**** which are rather substantial was squishing forward looking like it was about to rip right out of her top.
I stood and looked at her for a minute then walked up to the bed, I put my hand on her shoulder and then rubbed her arm a little, I let my thumb drift down touching the side of her b*** through her top and then I went for it and popped three buttons on her top, Her b*** basically poured out of her top laying there. Holy crap they are big, I don't know why my wife didn't get that gene but her mom's b**** are massive for a 5 foot 3 inch tall 140 ish pound woman. I unbuttoned the rest of her top and could see half of the other b*** so I slid my hand under the other one and scooped it out so I could see both.
Her cleav was wrinkly and freckly, Her b**** are huge and kind of firm but also soft, Her nipples are big and were hard and bumpy and I knelt beside the bed softly pinching and twisting them, She grunted and rolled onto her back, Stretched and put one arm above her head and one across her stomach, She had a hand towel laid out on the night table with all over her creams and lotions on it so I set them on the floor, laid the hand towel beside her and stood leaning over the bed, I leaned in and sucked on her big b**** and nipples until I shot my load on the hand towel. I had come all over my hand and wiped my thumb across her lips and she licked her lips, Moaned "mm, mm" as if to say no, I took a few pics of her like that and got a fresh hand towel, Set up like it was before and left leaving her door wide open.
I went back to the couch and scrolled through my new pictures and then went to bed, I snuggled up behind my wife and slid my hand into her top playing with her saggy little b**** and then worked her pj pants down, I grabbed her bum cheek spreading her and worked it into her, She grunted a couple times and then started moaning as I banged her. I gave her a load although smaller than the one I left on her moms hand towel and then she rolled over, kissed me and passed out.
I forgot that I had left her mom with her top open and the door open but in the morning my brother in law came upstairs while we were in the kitchen, Went to walk past the spare room and said "Ooh s***" and turned around, He looked at my wife and motioned to the spare room so she went to look and I followed her, She gasped a little and Closed the door quietly then turned around and looked at me, I looked at her and raised my eye brows and she elbowed me saying "Shhht", later on me and my brother in law were having adrink and he looked over his shoulder then looked at me and said "Did you see them?", I nodded and he said "Holy f***, Those are some tig ole bitties". We had a bit of a chuckle over it and later that afternoon everyone left.

Jun 4, 2020

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  • How old was she? You should have checked her fat old p**** too ...

  • Wow! What a story. It mad me sooo hot.

    How old are you and how old is your mother in law?

    Well I guess that doesn’t really matter.

    I bet she knew what you were doing. She didn’t want you to know she was enjoying it. You need to get a couple of glasses of wine in her and your wife. Have a poker night or something.

    Find your way into your mother in laws room. Whisper in her ear how she makes you feel. Make your move. Enjoy those b******. Get your finger down there and make the sexy mature woman as wet as a 15 year old. Go down on her. Tell her how much you appreciate her. Treat her like a queen. Then slide it in. Tell her how much you have been wanting this. Then fill her with c**. Tell her she was the best you have ever had. Tell her let’s keep this between us. But let’s not make this the last time as she is tooo good not to have again.

    Then give her p**** a big lick then give her a deep kiss with tongue as you stick your finger inside. As you walk out the room lick your fingers clean.

    Now go straight to your bed room and make love to your wife. Don’t let her suck your c*** as she will smell the c** from her mom on your c***. (That’s how I caught my husband cheating on me with my older sister). F*** your wife like there was no tomorrow. I promise it will be the best s** ever.

    I f***** my hubby right after I cheated on him. I let him eat me out with the other guys (yes plural) c** in me. He is always so h**** he never noticed.

    But f****** your spouse after s** with another is amazing. It will only be better for you as you just had a mother and daughter.


    Let me know how it goes

  • That story and your comment really got me going! I love getting worked up and then banging my wife. Such a good o***** that way!

  • Glad it got you going. Hope you gave your wife an incredible o***** as well.

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