reason #1 not to be a girl...

...cramps are the devil!!!

guys, imagine ur d**** being snapped in half. yeah, that's probably what cramps are like for us girls!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • What if I told you... I wanted to my d*** snapped in half

  • This is one of those things that chicks with d**** will never have to endure, and therefore ARE NOT REAL WOMEN, YOU F****** IDIOTS! They're mentally ill MEN who put on dresses and act bitchy. That is all.

  • Yes, you get cramps from ages.. 10 and up for the early starters? Earlier maybe? Scary.

    But for us guys, a girls gains knowledge at 4 - 6 that kicking us boys in the b**** seems to be an acceptable way to win an arguement/game/anything. Pick your reason, b**** get kicked. You get monthly cramps, we get our delicate and small child b**** smashed by a size one Mary Jane shoe. Its payback in my book. Until you stop kicking us. Then we feel a bit of sympathy.

  • so true.

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