My wife

This is going to be interesting..
My wife has refused my efforts to get her to have s** with another man while I watch and she is also a Trump hater and for the life of me I cant understand why anyone would hate a guy that has done so much for this country but she also only listens to liberal news.
Well the other day I tried to get her to bet her p**** on it and I offered $100 bucks if I loose and she has to put out for a guy if she looses but she turned it down so this morning we were talking about it and she was looking at the poles predicting that Biden is way ahead of him in the race and she said OK I will but I want $500.00 if you lose .
I jumped on it because last election Hillary was supposed to win by a landslide but she lost .
She insists that if she looses it has to be a guy we don't know though so it will be kept a secret just between her and I.
I have been looking through the adds and there are several guys running adds here in the SF Bay Area so wish me luck .
Man it is going to be hard waiting these last 5 months though.
I am really excited about it.

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  • Don't like your politics but I love your fantasy of your wife doing someone else!

  • I like Trump he is the first president I can remember that that has done what he has promised he would do.

  • Nice pasta.

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