I am the person who is trolling your sick confessions. I go after the pedophile , Incest loving Sickfucks. I am the one who post's ''Go stand on the train tracks and wait for it'' to one guys confessions that are his. I spot his confessions and he post about sick incest pedo stories. When you pedos confess to underage children's panty sniffing, even more gross touching and having s e x with them. I post Die sickfucking pedo die and even more in between the replies. I hope any sick people that are jer king off to those posts are turned off when they see my replies in between their replies. I love to go after the sick incest lovers also. I ask them to tell their family and friends about their love affairs and see what their Family and friends would say if they found out. This site is unbelievable that they let their sick posts stay and don't remove them.
If you are grossed out by those kind of confessions and replies. Then I encourage you to do the same. Put comments that they will hate in between their replies to get them mad. Then maybe we can stop those gross nasty confessions and replies. For you sick pedo incest lovers I'm not gonna stop.

Jun 5, 2020

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  • Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

  • And all you pedo haters seem to be able to do is troll and insult them on here? I am guessing that you are as incompetent and ineffective other areas of your lives. Shame you dont use your energy to do something constructive in the worthy cause of helping children.

  • And all you pedo haters can do is insult us on here. So scarey arent you, yawn!

  • Hey guy. I assume that you are male as I don't know for sure, but even if you are a female it is ok. Your posts don't make me upset at you. I believe that you are like many of us here, or you would not be on here looking at those posts to begin with. Your comments only serve to make me hard and want to have s** with you while you curse and call me names. You see I like men or women, incest of all kinds and ages, masturbation, especially of young when they are first learning their body and what feels good. Tell me, do you m*********? What do you like at or fantasize about when you do it? Are you straight, gay, or bi? If you are a male, would you lay on top of me and rub your c*** on my c*** Cummings all over my d***? Mmm mmm that would feel so good! Do you c** a lot? Let's get together and let me service you.

  • Lol

  • I love my girls 8-15!!!!!!! 10 is the perfect age. Nice bald tight lil cu nt!!!!!!!!! I am working on getting a neighbor of mine who is 12. She is HOT AF!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna spread her legs and bury my shaft in her!!!!!!!!

  • I love incest and always will!!

  • You are a sick individual and I hope one of these folks that you are stalking finds out and comes after you. This is the internet anonymous is not really anonymous on the internet. They can and will find you out and they will tell everyone about how sick you are reading all of those sick confessions and enjoying them and then trying to make sure that your the only one to enjoy them. You are not the police you are just a sick pervert and your whole family probably knows but won't tell you.

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