It is me I'm the one

I am the one who is trolling your Sick confessions and replies.
There is one guy who posts as a girl or boy and he is a pedo who is into incest.
So I tell him to Stand on the train tracks and wait.
I go after posts that involve underage children as that angers me the most.
When I see confessions about incest with children I hammer them. I put posts telling them to die in between their sick replies in hope of making them mad and it is working.
I am asking that when you see confessions about incest or underage children that you do the same Wreck the replies so if they are pleasuring themselves while reading that sick stuff, they see our replies and it messes up their fun.
And for those of you that are posting that nasty stuff please reply. I want to hear you lame reasons for posting and thinking that is ok. You won't make me any more mad just encourage me to hit your posts harder.



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  • How do you stop somebody else's sexual addictions? I don't care what you hate but the idea of going after anonymous pedophiles doesn't actually save any children. I donated to an anti-child abuse program and I suggest you do something like that instead.

  • And all you pedo haters seem to be able to do is troll and insult them on here? I am guessing that you are as incompetent and ineffective other areas of your lives. Shame you dont use your energy to do something constructive in the worthy cause of helping children.

  • Your corny-ass attempts at nobility make me laugh at your pathetic simplicity. Maybe you can catch p*** from Christ's s***-c*** after his father takes his morning p***. I'm only joking. There is no goD. Enjoy your days. Hopefully you'll have a stroke during a Joel Olsteen lung-vomit session. I'm sure you m********* more vigorously and often than the people you so deeply hate. F*** you. Your a skid mark on the universes thing like the rest of us. Your deep seated recognition of this truth scares you to your core. WE ARE SCUM. But, some a few more than others. I'm sure you catch my meaning. -Nooch

  • No I won't stop till they stop. Even when they confess, the guidelines state no children S ex or incest stories. But here they are and they are disgusting. Kids can't consent to s ex. A very good friend of mines Granddaughter at age 13 tried to commit suicide and thank god it failed. It turns out her father had been molesting her for 4 years and he just started with full s ex with her. Not funny pervs. At the last time I have talked with him and his the family they had turned down a 15 year sentence with 15 years parole. They wan't him to do the full 30 years. You pedophilic's have posted everything from sniffing panties or knickers to touching and having full s ex or master baiting over them. You tell me it is Fantasias but they can't only happen but do happen and children are messed up for life or committing suicide. These post's sites are the only place I have found that allows these sick stories. And as for Incest someone is always the aggressor and someone is the victim. It is wrong and immoral. If you are so proud of your incest relations then tell all your friends and family about it and see what they say. And just because a country doesn't outlaw it doesn't mean it is condoned. They may have high enough morals that incest doesn't happen and families take care of it in house. Like a good beating. Just one more thing I have been copying and pasting your confessions and replies in emails to the FBI and other world Organizations and I ain't kidding, that take reports for this cr ap. So keep it and someone might get sick of me emailing your posts and shut this place down.

  • Thank you for trolling PEDO's here and please when you see their stories troll them. Show them we won't stand for it. Thanks again.

  • Incest is hot!!

  • So are bright-red tongs. I'll be happy to demonstrate for you.

  • Yeah right! Don't you mean bright-red thongs? Lol

  • Tee hee. Maybe we do, maybe we don't. Come on over and find out ;)

  • Make sure not to tell anyone where you're going first. Don't want to ruin the surprise :)

  • I told you before you are not having my c***! Now stop!

  • No. I will not. And I will take what I want and leave what I don't, you have no say in the matter.

  • Lol

  • Get a life

  • Okay. If you're a pedo, I'll take yours! >;)

  • Dumb.

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