Drinking at 71 should never hapoen

So here I am 71 years young and I confess that my wife deserves better than me. Do I wish that I had an 8 inch d***, yes for sure, but she seemed to enjoy my 5 or so length. The problem is I was her first and she was my 4th or 5th. This means she never had a large c***. But to be sure if I had had 8 inches I think it would have hurt her. As a guy we want to be 12 inches in our mind and we hear that women love big d****, so us smaller guys never measure up. That reminds me of a time that I was A lifeguard at a pool. This kid, several years younger than me was in the pool feeling up a girl that I knew. He cane out and headed to the dressing area and suddenly I knew why, his d*** was at least 8 inches and was coming out the bottom of his swimming trunks,. I did not understand it then but I know now that he made love to many more women than I could have dreamed about and it was all because he had 8 to 12 inches in his pants.

Jun 5, 2020

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  • You’re f***** up old man

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