Caught by her son.

I had a brief, but hot affair with a co-woker. Her husband was out traveling for the better part of a week. We had s** doing that time.
One time, during a full nelson, her 6 year old son walks in on us. Shes stammering my name, while i pound her like a piston. I am reaching an point, where i cant stop. thats when i see the kid, looking at us. too surprised to pull out, i c** inside her. Shes trying to gather herself, finding something to say, while i fill her up.
We ended our affair after that.
Some time has passed, and she turns up pregnant. i dont dare ask her.

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  • So sexy post I'm f***** my oldest cousin she a naughty lil hoe she had xxx pic online by roxxyfoxy69

  • Something very similar happened to me. I was banging my sister-in-law hard and just when I start c****** in her unprotected p****, her 5 year old walks in. I finished unloading in her and rolled off while she talked to the kid. She had a baby 9 months later and I was thinking it might be mine but it came out black. We are both white. She was obviously having a lot of fun while her husband was at work! She ended up leaving her husband and moving in with the black guy but I have always wondered how many c**** had been in that same p**** that I was licking and f******!

  • Fake story to get the pedos out

  • Wow! Amazing so hot made me wet reading your post. Lucky co worker.

  • Still waiting to hear about the pregnancy.

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