i hate her

i'm 14 and my dad is 36. about a year ago him and my mom got divorced and then right away he married this woman who is 62 years old and she is a w****. shes total trailer trash all her life and i know she married my dad just because he could take care of her better than the husband she had when they met. and thats another thing shes been married 5 times before this time so i guess that pretty much proves shes a w**** too. my friends all say he married her because of s** but i dont know why he would ever marry somebody like her shes even older than both my granmothers. but most of all i hate her because shes so mean to me and my little sisters and even though im old enough to know better shes a terrible roll model for them because she acts like such a w**** around all my dads friends and all our neighbors and even at church and im afraid my sisters will grow up doing the same things she does which are so horrible i cant even write about them now. i want her to leave i want them to get a divorce and i wish my dad would just wake up and know what a w**** she is.

Dec 2, 2013

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  • This woman is what's called a gold digger and she is just using your father for money and for security. I'm sorry that is happening to you and your little sisters but I think you need to be the grownup in the family and be someone your sisters can look up to and emulate so they dont become the kind of w**** that your step mother is.

  • He's only interested in getting that nasty nasty p**** of hers. When it dries up, or she gets bored or moves on, or gets too old to f***, he'll dump her and get somebody better. Unfortunately, you're going to have to be the mother of the other two girls because this w**** isn't capable of doing that. Be a good example to them and tell them every chance you get how wrong this b**** is about everything and how much of a w**** she is. They need for you to keep telling them, "she's a w****".

  • my dad gets so p***** when i say the truth about her and sometimes i think it even makes my sisters want to be more like her. i mean they say they hate her to me but then they do the things she does and say the things she says and they are too young to use the language our stepmom uses like all the time and it even gets them in trouble at school and at church and my dad doesnt even make them stop or punish them. i would like to punish them on my own.

  • Prostitute.

  • Its weird that you said that bcuz my real moms best friend told me that my stepmom was a call girl a long time ago so your even mor right than you knew.

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