dont kno what to do

ok so my gf elyse and me were riding to the movies with this guy friend of ours. elyse dates another guy friend who I have known since elem school and who even tho hes a guy and im a girl were like almost best freinds. so we ride with this 1st guy and he gets elyse to go down on him on the way to the movies. she kind of is embarrassed at 1st but then she seriously gets into it. but there its just us 3 in the car. but then in the movies she sits next to him and snuggles up to him and she gives him a handy and then another one. and then with people around us she goes down on him again but this time its like her idea and shes sort of wilding on his d*** and by the time we get back to the car shes all over this other guys package and cant get enough in her. and when he drops us off at my house he says he wants to keep doing her without her bf or his gf finding out and elyse says yes. and then when we get out she says i cant say nothing to shane about any of this ever or to nobody else either. i said ok that night but now i dont know what to do bcuz i known shane since we were little and i dont think he would like it very much if his gf was a s*** like elyse is being with this other dude.

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  • Elyse has placed you in a precarious and uncomfortable position. She can sleep around as much as she wants, that's her choice. But it's unfair to you to put you in those types of situations and also to expect you to keep a secret. It wouldn't be a secret if she didn't have something to hide. Think you just have to do what you feel is right. These kinds of things typically catch up with someone without you saying anything. She is afterall cheating in public and people talk, so maybe her boyfriend heard a rumor....or you just tell her straight up how you feel. And either you two will be friends or you won't. But chances are this girl only thinks about herself.

  • omg wow! what you said was so so true its amazing. its like you kno us and all the people involved. yes there were people who saw us in the movies and who saw what elyse did with her hand and her mouth and the story is getting around. i dont think shane knows about it yet. but i told elyse i wouldnt tell nobody what she did......but i wouldnt lie if i got asked about it and in particular if shane asked i wouldnt lie. it probably is going to mean that elyse wont be my friend anymore but like you said she only cares about herself and really its almost like you kno here. so what do i need with a friend who is a nasty s*** and only thinks about her and never about me. thank you so so much. really......THANK YOU!

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